Bilderberg-Trilateral-Bankers and Oil

Who are the masters of the new world order (there is a platitude first uttered by Adolf Hitler in 1939, and revived George Bush, Jr. at the beginning of his first term in the White House) on the threshold of an extremely uncertain 2006?
The old order crumbled in the dramatic turn of the eighties and nineties of the last century, with the end of the Cold War bipolarity of the United States and the Soviet Union as the then superpowers and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, Comecon, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. The new evolving expansion of the European Union and NATO to the European north, east and south of the Balkans, as well as the proliferation of China now third economic powers of the world (as a capitalist country, even under the rule of the local Communist Party) and the US-British war to conquer Iraq’s oil through which bloom huge new profits western transnational companies and megabanaks.

America as a criterion of all existing

The US interest angle of the world economy and politics seem to be on schedule unipolar global power, under the umbrella of America as the sole global superpower, which therefore no longer has to choose the means to attain its strategic objectives. But interest from most angles that same world, the economy and politics take on all pronounced multipolarity and all uncertain multiple-bidding of the United States and the European Union, China, India, Russia, Japan and seething oil production area in the Arab Middle East and predominantly Muslim Central and South Asia . In the game, then, is so far the highest and overall intensity of global competition for dominance in the earth, water and air in the entire history, with an infinite number of variables, the ability to move and counteracted this with a completely uncertain outcome and consequences in the near future, even with a view only tomorrow 2006.
Manage all dynamic technological, geopolitical and geo-economic changes within all globaliziranijeg business and open multilateral collision – not only the most powerful and largest countries in the world, but also its cultural and religious sites (according to Samuel Huntington, ‘civilization’) – turned into another, historically inexperienced research, development and ethical challenge. Effective global responses to this type of global challenges can no longer provide think tanks at the national level, but not at the level of the most powerful international organizations, but – shows that the recent practice – a powerful type of global experts, who are out of control (corporate, governmental, international, ), but that later, as part of their official duties, their contracts can pretend to development and security strategy of their country, corporations or international institutions which have led (or will it on their behalf to do the younger members of the same “Lodge”). On this map of global power is increasingly less room for the peaks of religious communities: or marginalized, or more closely a competitive game off, or corrupt the tops of globalized capital.
Who, then, are the main actors of building a new world order today: a global name, which globalized companies, by international institutions?

Controllers, masters and face from the Internet

According to the last top-ranking global Forbes magazine, the new world order shakers largest banking and the oil group, the American-European transnational property, led by Citigroup and ExxonMobil, in company with the leader in the global supply of energy and military equipment, General Electric. These and other business addresses Forbes’ list of the leading positions are hosted in people who have a few years of their top managers in order after the prime ministers, ministers, leading bankers, or at the head of the IMF and the World Bank or the World Trade Organization.
Therefore, the company’s top-ranking quite complementary charts the most respected business leaders, which in 2005 made the global Financial Times, based on a survey 954 major directors in 25 developed countries and the local biggest companies and banks. Among the top ten are, in fact, not only Bill Gates, as the first name of the Information business, but Jack Welch (which is expressed as CEO of General Electric) and John Brown (who made his name at the head of British Petroleum). By the way, women in the world of omnipotence can be found just a candle.
However, most of them are the most powerful controls, operatives, in this new world order, but are not yet old enough and too powerful to be fancied and acted as its owners, the real masters. The names of these types of masters of the world since the time of the French Revolution of 1789 long for the general public remained under wraps, in the shadow of speculation that these or those belonging to any of Masonic lodges, whose mission masonry free world tailored capital and expand the power of the developed capitalist countries on all sides of the less developed world, his works as a cheaper submission.
But information era has changed and these traditions: the names are no longer secret, it is not the place and the dates of their meetings, but their contents remain secret, agreements, plans. With the rise of the Internet that are powerful names occupied a number of Internet addresses, premrežavajući traditional Masonic lodge with newly composed names global “think tanks”, the place of their assembly or by their technical structure.

Masons Judgment Day or The Day After

Thus, the two most powerful groups, in which more or less
find and meet the same names of the powerful, today recognized under codes Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission. First, the group started back in 1954, being in the same hotel in the Netherlands, and the second in 1973 after the first oil shock, bringing together the most influential people of America, Western Europe and Japan. Among them are the most powerful and most influential names of the new world order: by the consultant for many large and small wars and truce Henry Kissinger and speculator-philanthropist who has been mediating in the conquest of the former socialist countries of George Soros, through the most powerful American Masons David Rockefeller, to master the new wall global pipeline and natural gas pipeline network Dick Chenneyja, master who destroys everything on his mind the way Donald Rumsfeld, who master via the World Bank calms the revolt victims of globalism Paul Wolfowitz, to the relatively youthful master, in charge of masonry British Union Carl Bildt. To make a group portrait of the master of the new world order was complete, it would still mounted and the head of the new-old head of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah and the image of the new Russian Tsar Putin, and the most powerful trio from the top of the BC China.

They managed to more than two-thirds of the world’s gross product, most of the battlefields in the world, most significant demographic change and ethnic migration and “cleansing” and the majority of natural resources and pollution on Earth, including the international (in) justice and the latest interpretations of history. You are building a new world according to God or to the devil’s plan, maybe some will get to know very soon.

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