Am I real? (Depersonalization)

It is not unusual to hear people who suffer from anxiety as to say:

“I can not get in touch with other people. As if they are in one world, and I’m in another, unreal world. It’s like a dream! I going to do I ever go back to normal ?!”

This feeling can occur only people at times, or else people can do to feel this way almost all the time while they are awake.

Why is this feeling arises? You see, even people who do not suffer from any problem is sometimes difficult to be interested in anything you have a bunch of unsolved problems. It is even harder anxious people to be interested in anything from the outside world, because these thoughts constantly directed to his inner state, how they feel. It is this, just this constant introspection and withdrawal is the main reason why you feel so separated from the rest of the world. As if there is a curtain between you and the rest of the world!

You may feel unrealistic and this in several different ways. Maybe you feel like you’re away from your body and to observe your body. Horrible, I know. It can also happen that when you touch things, you know that you touched, but just can not feel them touch. It is not a rare occurrence that happens to you while you are in a society and hear someone laughing, you do that laughter seems so unrealistic that even you can not imagine yourself to be in those moments, laughing. Maybe then attempting to artificially laugh, just to get you fit, but you do not go out of hand! Laughing you then hard to achieve because you have so much to enter into yourself, so you are prone to introspection, you might not be aware of how to become your habits. Non stop to contemplate how you feel, from moment to moment.

The most common mistake that people make is that they want to escape from this unreal world immediately. They want to immediately return to normal. Just to stop them from returning to normal. Understand, this return must be gradual, can not happen immediately. Why? Because you for months, maybe years, keep yourself in a state of constant anxiety and introspection, and now you can not change everything in one second. That would be too much. You may need several months to get you rid of that feeling of unreality. Do not let this discourage you, as far as it takes, know that it is worth it.

The illusion that creates a sense of unreality can be so strong that you can do that you lose the feelings of those people that you care about in life. It may even be that, and according to their own children no longer feel what you felt. If you like this feel rest assured that this is only an illusion that was created long-term anxiety and torture of the mind deep and constant introspection. These scary feelings you may have for some time now, so it is now difficult to separate from them.

The biggest mistake you can make is that forcibly trying to have your normal feelings return. Do not so much of yourself that you are looking for! You have to let time do its work and that your normal emotions itself back. As if you are currently feeling frozen, and takes some time to pass to those feelings melted and returned to you.

When you realize that the sense of unreality is actually the result of long-term anxiety and introspection, and you realize that you are on the road to madness, you might need that same point, would feel great relief and will make you feel that you have no fear anymore. It is possible that you will immediately feel as if you finally beat that feeling of unreality, as if you suddenly become part of the rest of the world. This feeling that you have become part of the normal world will not last long, be aware and be prepared for something like that. The sense of unreality was so long was with you, how is it possible to expect that you can find to get rid of him? Do not be upset when you take this feeling back again.

It is possible that you then think to yourself with really something seriously wrong, and that it is not just anxiety. It is possible to think that you really doomed. Be sure that with you all right, and you’ll have time to recover, your sense of unreality disappears, only if you give yourself enough time to recover. Do not be deceived your current feelings!

Very strange feelings, such as feeling of unreality can you periodically flood, and whenever that happens, remind yourself that your recovery is situated in a quiet and placid passing by these feelings, again and again, as long as these feelings do not go away, or you do not a problem. Know that all these strange feelings have no objective significance, although they can be very disturbing. Recovery does not consist in the fact that you are trying to force to reject the feelings that they mask the drugs or to somehow circumvent these feelings in any other way! Recovery consists of calm and placid acceptance of these strange feelings and do not run away of them.

I know what you’ll say, “Well I can not tell me to relax, that’s the problem!” I completely understand if you say that you simply can not give up, even more so perfect to me something familiar. If you can relax the body, I’m sure you can relax relationship to your current state. So, in your mind, loosen a bit when it comes to a sense of unreality, or sincerely, with all my heart that you want to relax. If you do this, it will relax your mind, and from there will arise time and relax the body.

So, if the sense of unreality part of your state, be prepared to work with that feeling for a while, you live with it, and do not be impressed by that sense! It may sound funny, but feel free to make yourself unrealistic as far as you need. Don’t run away from this feeling. When you accept that, you become more relaxed, and interest in the outside world we are slowly but surely coming back, you become more focused on the outside than on your inner state. Then you, dear friends, on the way to healing.