Studies show: marijuana cures cancer!

Long ago we know that cannabis is extremely medicinal plant, but to the evidence coming secretly, ie, the media do not carry such news.

Why is the healing properties of marijuana hidden, and why owning an illegal plants, unlike the possession of weapons say? Of course, because it comes to profits of pharmaceutical companies. When he was allowed cultivation, everyone would at home could pick and make a free cure for cancer, to relieve epileptic seizures, dizziness, nausea and many other diseases and symptoms. So strong chemical drugs would be totally unnecessary.

How to light yet out some studies that prove the therapeutic properties of cannabis, scientists are hastily thought of being able to synthesize some of its ingredients, which would avoid the legalization of the plant itself. All clear – again profit.

Despite all the efforts of scientists, governments and other powerful people, a large number of people who use marijuana as a medicine. As evidence that the right can be seen in numerous cases of healing, and supports them go and study. There are studies that prove the healing properties of cannabis in the treatment of cancer, but those are mostly conducted on laboratory animals, for now still do not conduct clinical trials on humans, although it is necessary, but most importantly, it is completely harmless!

According to Natural News, in 1974, researchers from the Medical College of Virginia found that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, slowing down the growth of tumor cells in mice in three types of cancer – lung cancer, breast cancer, and a virus-induced leukemia.

Interestingly, the study actually was funded by the National Institutes of Health to find evidence that marijuana damages the immune system.

We can imagine the surprised faces of fervent opponents of marijuana that are badly wanted to prove her non-existent harmfulness!

According to the author of the book “The Emperor has no clothes” by Jack Herer, shortly after the discovery, DEA (police intelligence agency for combating drugs) closed the study and any further research that linked marijuana and cancer.

President Gerald Ford in 1976 banned all public research on marijuana and granted exclusive rights to research only pharmaceutical companies that have attempted to develop a synthetic form of THC.

In 1983, the Reagan / Bush administration tried to persuade American universities and researchers to destroy all research related to marijuana from the period 1966-1976. Herer states that numerous studies have actually disappeared.

Another important study was conducted in 2000 in Madrid, where the researchers were able to destroy the incurable brain tumor in mice by having them injected THC. The study was published in the journal Nature.

Study Manuel Guzman from Madrid found that cannabinoids, the active ingredients of marijuana, inhibit tumor growth in laboratory animals by modulating key cell signaling pathways and thus causing growth arrest and death of tumor cells. The study also found that cannabinoids inhibit angiogenesis and that is well tolerated and does not produce the usual toxic effects of conventional chemotherapy.

No medium is not conveyed the news of this important discovery!

As confirmation of these findings, a recent study from Harvard published on 17 April 2007 shows that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, cuts tumor growth in lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the risk of the spread of cancer.

Science Daily notes that researchers at Harvard University tested the chemical THC on mice. This is the first set of experiments showing that THC actually activates naturally produced receptors to combat lung cancer. THC that targets the cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 is similar to the function of endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids that are naturally produced in the body and activate these receptors. The researchers suggest that THC or other design agents that activate the receptor can be used in a targeted manner for the treatment of lung cancer.

Although the medical substitute for THC, known as Marinol, has been used as a stimulant of appetite in patients, suffering from cancer or similar treatments, several studies have shown that THC may have anti-tumor activity, says Anju Preet, Ph.D., a researcher at the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

A small number of states in the United States allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and only clinical trial of THC as a cancer treatment, recently completed British pilot study of human glioblastoma (an aggressive brain tumor).

In this study, researchers first showed that two different cell lines of lung cancer, and lung cancer patient sample stand CB1 and CB2, and non-toxic dose of THC hinder growth and expansion in cell lines.

Then the researchers for three weeks, injecting the standard dose of THC mice were implanted human lung cancer cells, and found that the tumors reduced in size and weight in about 50% of the treated animals compared to the control group. DR. Preet says that there has been a 60% reduction in lesion lung cancer in these mice, as well as a significant reduction in protein markers associated with cancer progression.

So, there are scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of marijuana in the treatment of cancer, but about how we know very little, because the media does not write about it.

As a conclusion to specify an excerpt from the article author Raymond Cushing from San Antonio Current: “In many cases, millions of people have died horrible death, families have spent all their savings on dangerous, toxic and expensive drugs. Now we are just beginning to realize that marijuana has never killed anyone, but the prohibition of marijuana has killed millions. “

What can we do? We can spread the true knowledge of the extraordinary hazards of conventional modes of treatment of cancer, as well as the positive findings of the beneficial effects of natural and non-invasive treatment method, which we have written many times, and we will continue to write further.


What is true wealth? It really is one of the fundamental questions in the life of each of us as the answer to this question largely determines the quality of our lives from day to day. What does it mean to be rich, and that is the standard by which it is determined? Is there a universal, unchanging measure of wealth or is it depending on variable factors? Is it possible to acquire wealth or is it something that already is in itself?

Although it is generally measured by the degree of economic prosperity, the economy itself is not and can never be a measure of one’s wealth. The most that she can be the only one of its lower part. In fact, as much as it may sound unusual, the economy has nothing to do with the true concept of wealth as such. In fact, economic wealth is at its core poverty. Why? Because the entire economy is based on the fundamental life falsehood – that the total world resources and wealth are limited and that there is not enough of anything, it is a lie that life at every turn denies. The entire economy is based on scarcity and at its core it is an artificially created a way of dealing with non-existent shortages and a lack of which is within the restricted units allocated to unequal parts. It is in its origin unnatural and does not support life. In this sense, money serves as an operational tool whose are obtaining and gathering of people in the world devoid of love, unity and understanding forced to “secure” their existence to them otherwise, but by their very nature provided and guaranteed. Life and nature abound in riches that several times more than everyone’s needs and there is no “real” reason why anyone in the world pay for basic needs such as food, clothing and place of residence. All of which is nature already provides in abundance. However, given that the economic system is artificially created a set of rules, regulations and strict relationship based on selfishness, he is only a reflection of our own state of (un) consciousness and the way (do not) understand and (not) understand life and ourselves themselves. On one level, the situation is such because many accepted this fundamental lie of the lack of such truth and never had not called into question. We believe that life is a struggle and it is another to be taken away so that we could have more. I do not question the different modalities of interpersonal relationships – whether our social interactions and ways of interacting in everyday life to function fully satisfactory and no money? Can mutual respect, unity, understanding and good will replace the cold, inhuman cruelty and selfishness impersonal existing economic system to the general benefit of all? These are really key issues that determine and (ra) creating economy. Therefore, as long as greed and selfishness are prevalent in interpersonal relationships, as little will change on this point. Because the game is set WORLD AND SO DOES since we became aware of, and it is not at all necessary to judge. All this has its deeper reason that we usually promoted in such considerations as these economies and money approach unilaterally and exclusively from a position of condemnation. We’re too focused on the question whether such a system and method of interaction between people “just” or “unjust”, as it follows our general, a negative attitude toward money and the economic system. But this is essentially not a question of right and wrong, but understanding the broader picture. A big picture is that the economy and money here, just as they are, just so that through them was able to experience all this wide range of experiences and emotions that arise from these specific unique relationships and life situations that we can learn from them that the true values in life, which otherwise would not be able to do in such an extent and in such a straightforward way. The economic system of the foundry where the bitch lessons of life and where the most effective learning about what the most important things in life, relationships, integrity, honesty, trust, selfishness, superiority and subordination relations, greed and possession. So Love learns about itself – through its contrasts and thorough introduction of what it is not only to understand what it is. When you step out of conviction, we will see that nothing is black and white, nothing exclusively. Money in itself is neither good nor bad. While on one level it is a means of control, money is also at the same time on a deeper level that we over it could learn and understand the true meaning of value. So in the world that surrounds us, everything that is worth a higher price than what is considered to be less valuable. Money is only a means for measuring the value and serves as a suitable proxy for the amount of goods that we value. I was not by chance that the daily life everywhere we meet with the money and that he plays such an important role in our lives. He is actually (like everything else in this life) great teacher from whom we have the opportunity to learn a lot. For exactly this way, while daily use as currency values, we OVER MONEY come to know that there are values that are not for sale and that can not be bought with money! Without money we could not come to the realization that there are things, experiences and experiences that are invaluable and which far exceed its purchasing power. So in that sense, somewhat paradoxically, money serves as a means of their own impairment. He is there only to serve as a contextual field for understanding preciousness. This probably sounds pretty abstract, meaningless and useless our everyday mind. But something deeper within us perfectly understands these words. This is something that can be understood only with the heart. 

Therefore, human being can their wealth measured exclusively by the degree of economic well-being and allow it determines its total value. The best that the existing system can do is be aware of the truth, that money is only a medium of exchange of goods to be understood as a flow energy which is intended to be spent and spend it as much as we have and when we have it, but can not be emotionally attached to it and pile it in fear that we will lose it, having due regard to him the importance that I can not do. Because, in the end, it’s only money! Material wealth in itself is not a goal is not the purpose of life, it is only a means. When one weighs the wealth because the wealth, it is only a sign that such an individual is itself believed to be poor, and that is something that no amount of external resources can not cure or change, except through a thorough review of its system of values and self-love . Constantly provide your beggar’s bowl life is to be eternally hungry. Money and material possessions are only means for achieving deeper objectives, the means by which to satisfy the longing that can not be filled with material values. People essentially harder material wealth only because they believe that its acquisition can buy peace, joy, happiness and ultimately – love.

Therefore, the material level there are so many forms of wealth in the form of ownership, influence, prestige and power, but all this wealth, as long as the surface seemed really are false, and can not give us the fulfillment we seek because they are inherently devoid of any real substance and essence. In addition, they all depend on a number of variable factors which at any time can change and affect the same fortune. 

However, in each of our lives, along with the material, there is a different, real and lasting wealth that every person already carries, and that is what the internal – WEALTH OF HEARTS. It is, above all, a reflection of the quality of our inner experience of life and ourselves. Our inner sense of gratitude, beauty, pleasure, joy and life evaluation determines how much we are really rich. It is the only wealth that everywhere and always carry with us, regardless of the circumstances. The only wealth that can never lose, and that is not necessary to guard against thieves and robbers. Because such wealth is not something that can be acquired. This wealth is the result of recognition of what already is! Money, possessions, status and reputation of the food for the ego, and the love and beauty food for the soul.

It does not matter how much you own, it is important how you recognize and enjoy the beauty that is infused with this life and to spend the time that’s available. 

Is not the richest man in the one that at all times fully enjoy all the benefits of natural resources and their own souls? Laughter, joy, peace, understanding, harmony, admiration, wisdom and life and beauty? That recognizes and feels grateful for all the gifts which it bestows life – the light and warmth of the sun, fresh air, clean water and all the dear people and living beings who share this wonderful experience of a lifetime! The only currency of such a man is the beauty of the present moment, the only wealth and loving heart that unreservedly and unconditionally shared with everyone. It is interesting that Love is the only thing in life that is multiplied when shared, and which has all the more so because the more given until all other giving consumes and irreversibly disappears. Is not that the only true definition of wealth – something that is always there, FRESH AND JUST AS LONG REGARDLESS OF PASSAGE OF TIME? It is the only permanent value that never goes, it’s pure gold. The warmth and the feeling of closeness to interact with loved ones who are around us now, recognize the uniqueness and preciousness of this without judging anything, just be today with this beauty, completely … it’s priceless. Hug someone to love, to share laughter and joy, exchanged warm words of support and understanding and all those unsolicited gesture of good will and a little gift, to share fellowship, now, while we are here, what a privilege, what a fortune. This invisible and intangible web of life is the only “real”, that’s all that remains of all written as valuable in the human heart and what it feels gratitude. As wonderful a French proverb says: “Gratitude is the memory of the heart”. The more gratitude we feel for what we have and what our life offers, this is our life experience richer.

The richness of each of us depends largely on how you perceive yourself as a person separate from the world, or the world as a part of yourself. When we stop strongly identified with the ego and personal identity, our wealth is immeasurably increased since then narrow and cramped shell person replaces acceptance and overall experience of the whole. Then all perceive as their own. When we are able to most residing benefit of all the people around you honestly experience as our greatest treasure, then we can say that we are truly rich. Wealth is to see all this diversity and grandeur of form which abounds in life and recognize sameness and oneness in the apparent diversity, see yourself deep in the eyes of others and know without a shadow of a doubt that under any of various forms of hiding you, that every living being magnificent and unique mirror that of a single Being, which is you. In each watch only the best and look for quality that truly admire and treating everyone with this fundamental respect, share the love and kindness that connects us all in daily communication with each other; It has a wealth of spirit. All the beauty, all the good deeds, the totality of human creativity and expression – all the best that the world is our own wealth. How ever you can, after you experience the reality of that in your heart, be anything other than a truly rich?


The meat is not digested but disintegrates in the stomach and intestines, as a prelude to many diseases

The belief that animal protein is superior to plant proteins dates back to 1914 when two scientists, Osborne and Mendel did experiments on mice and found that mice grow faster when they eat animal protein. It was later determined that it is true that the mice grow faster, but also to live shorter lives and suffer from cancer and other diseases. Nevertheless, generations of school children and doctors are misinformed that our meat, milk and eggs are essential as a source of protein. Although this myth in the diet has long been disproved, there is some progress to inform the public, that is what we were taught as confirmed – inaccurate!

The consequences of malnutrition are evident in today’s epidemic of many modern diseases and it is easy to see who gets there and who loses.

Pyramid diet that we learn in school and you know from childhood is wrong. The high-protein diet is a big misconception that seriously endangers our health.

First of all, we humans we are not designed to eat meat, so the meat does not digested in our stomach already falling apart, which is a prelude to many diseases.

Proteins get digesting food, but our bodies, also recycles proteins through decomposition of dead cells. They then circulate throughout the body and blood and lymphoma are used where appropriate. It is not necessary to eat meat, milk and eggs that we get the necessary proteins. As a gorilla, a bull elephant or get protein? Remember how much muscle they have!

As strong bones are independent of calcium, but also on how the body moves and burden bones and strong muscles do not depend on the intake of protein, but the effort which they are exposed. The muscles become larger by the great efforts should break muscle fibers which are then regenerated and thus comes to their enlargement. Large doses of protein during decomposition will liberate toxic amounts of nitrogen in the blood, which will then accumulate in the muscles and cause chronic fatigue.

For serious athletes, children grow and with increased mental effort can be increased by a daily dose of 10-15 g of protein per day.

Dr. Jaffe from the University of California at Barkley, is investigating the effect of a child without animal products to several generations of children and adults. While today’s child based on animal products contain more than 150 grams of protein a day (bodybuilders and up to 300 grams), Dr. Jaffe’s respondents gave only 24-33 grams of protein a day. None of the patients had no signs of protein deficiency nor any other nutrients. They were all excellent health!

According to some research, a person can accumulate only about 30 grams of protein daily in the body. Everything was more than that goes into the liver and converted into acid which binds to calcium from bones and is expelled through urine (protein induced hypercalciuria – a waste of calcium in the urine) and thus leads to problems with bones. If you eat a diverse, very easily we take sufficient amounts of protein, and other nutrients.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. We divide them into essential and non-essential. It is not necessary to combine grains and beans at one meal or one day to enter all essential amino acids. The plants have represented all the amino acids and our body has the ability to accumulate them several days for future use. Also, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain all the amino acids, such as bananas, dates, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, cabbage, broccoli, carrots and more.

So you should eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and their products, seeds and sprouts that will provide us with all the essential and non-essential amino acids as well as other nutrients that we need. Of course, better to eat them raw because cooking amino acid damage.