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The prophecies about the two suns

In great euphoria around the end of the Mayan calendar and the expectation end of the world most people have missed the news about the discovery of a new comet that later this year should spectacular and glittering pass through the solar system.

Even though they are not sure how it will all look like, astronomers say that there are very real chance that with our sun on the sky and see the light of a new sphere of comets. Because of its size in scientific circles prevailed quite a thrill. Some of the otherwise very abstentions astronomers even decided this heavenly guest called “comet of the century”.

Nexus Light

The comet, which will at the end of this year rush through the solar system was discovered on 21 September by Russian astronomers. Assigned to whose name is C / 2012 S1 ISON which contains classification, year of discovery and acronym of the institution where the astronomers worked (International Scientific Optical Network). After the publication of the news release it is ISON experienced as the name of the comet, but it is now generally called by that name. In West African mythology, the goddess Ison turtles form that is associated with fertility cycles on our planet. By linking the comet with its symbolism can experience it as a heavenly self-expansion of the Earth.

If we look at the role of a turtle in other religions and mythologies is not difficult to notice that she usually plays the role of a mediator between heaven and earth. Her armor representation is both our earthly and the celestial world. Kurma, one of the Visnu avatars in Hinduism, took the shape of turtles and their arrival helped the gods to come to the drink of immortality. Mayan god of the moon appears in the armor of tortoiseshell, until after the transfer of Munda in Bengal turtle on the ground by the sun to create dry land in the midst of an endless ocean. In Greek mythology, Hermes used tortoise shell to create a lyre whose melodious sounds enchanted Apollo, the sun god. Before that Hermes fell in an awkward position because he caught stealing Apollo’s cattle. Hermes Apollo lyre paid as compensation for theft and so elegantly out of trouble.

The astrological chart discovery of Comet ISON contains dramatic exact T-square Uranus, Pluto and Mercury. She seemed to bring us news of great progress in human consciousness which will arise as a result of major changes in the world in which we live. At the same time let’s not forget the Greek Hermes (Mercury) who through creative thinking found a solution in the least bit pleasant situation. Perhaps in this regard and Comet ISON initiates changes in terms of positive developments in terms of dominant negative mental state. Sabijski degree to which the astrological chart is Mercury shows a woman who protects chickens from attacking hawk, which only emphasizes the importance of proper use of the mind to solve problems.




The appearance of witnesses about the new comet that will be on the sky probably be able to view with the Sun was followed by the testimony of people who are around the world saw on the sky two suns. The vast majority of these people had not been aware of the fact of the discovery ISON’s. As to the upcoming event in the psyche of people started creating images that are likely to happen in the future. In recent months have begun discussions that ISON’s link with the legendary planet Nibiru. According to some theories, scientists have invented a new comet to people explain the appearance of a new bright bodies on the sky and avoid panic about the approaching end of the world.


Even though 2012 announced as fatal, maybe eventually this 2016 show more interesting. Derogation Benedict XVI we have to step up to the completion of Malahijevih prophecies about the popes. If this Irish saint was right, Pope Francis I should be the last Pope after which comes to the end of the world as we know. With Malahijevo prophecy there are known Nostradamus vision of the end of the world that a key purpose of the guidelines two suns.


Big stars in the sky will burn for seven days. The cloud will cause two suns. Big dog whole night will bark when pontiff changes country.


In this famous Nostradamus prophecy with two suns in the sky and go barking dog, and go pope from one country to another. A large dog can be a constellation on the sky with the people extremely important star Sirius. We are, apparently, in very interesting times.

Life Is Immediate

In our “civilized”, the conditioned model of life in which we grew up and which we are used to live, there is always “something” that stands between us and the life. Some kind of invisible barrier, a membrane that hinders and prevents us to fully experience to get with it and experience it as He is in all its nature and spontaneity, now. Something like that hampers us that at every opportunity to dance the waltz with the beauty that surrounds us at all times. Caution and conventions that we follow and which we have accepted as their own and that unquestioningly obey are those that do not allow us to act in accordance with its true nature and spontaneity, and why we always feel a dose of restraint and fear of life. How many are just psychologically conditioned and limited in that sense most vividly shows an example of a simple rain. For example, we walk down the street and suddenly it starts to rain. Our automatic in most cases, the first reaction is to reach for an umbrella or seek shelter, usually a mild feeling accompanying anxiety and distress because it started to rain and we can not do anything in order to prevent this, especially if you’re in a public place, or even if we did not. We act completely unnatural trying to protect from a natural phenomenon of life that is just as natural as the sun. Whence comes this anxiety, this fear? Arising from the adoption of social conditioning that rain is not suitable best image and his image that we present to others and we must protect at every opportunity. So, in the background of all this is the fear of rejection and non-acceptance. If you get wet, your hair will spoil us, clothes us will be wet and muddy shoes, so we will not be able to fit in with the others that are dry and clean, we will rebound from “acceptable” look, but one could say that we are not cultured and most civilized, and that means that our “reputation” and “dignity” under attack, you must never allow. Therefore, we feel anxiety, which in most cases and subconscious. Because in our society is not suitable wet, it is not appropriate to be natural, spontaneous, my. I therefore continue to seek some protection from the rain in the form of an umbrella and a raincoat even when we are not really needed, even when there is no practical, real reasons for them. But we really did not need protection from the rain, we need protection from the opinions of others. And the best protection against the opinions of others is wet to the skin and dissolve in the childlike joy and carefree abandon raindrops that our cheeks and slide down her face. Because, it is the direct contact with life, through the rain on your skin feel life as it is in its entirety, without intermediaries, without the influence of fear and worry, feel free. What kind of freedom, what kind of space is opened in that when you realize that it’s just raining and you’re all the time its irrational fears to myself actually the biggest enemy and a nuisance.

This example from the rain is just one of thousands of similar examples and situations in which seamlessly and automatically obey conventions, alert and fear, which prevents us to relax and just be. Rather than surrender, we first consult with the mind and from him for permission to do something that we know is being natural. There is always a prerequisite that must be met so that we can be and enjoy. Is not that fascinating? We are constantly defending ourselves from life and from the moment you put a bunch of various mental barrier, thought structure and doubts that make it difficult for us to experience and to keep us isolated from the wholeness of life. But life knows no caution, does not know the anxiety and fear, he is direct, immediate and complete in its beauty. Being straightforward means simply be now with what is without any preparation, fence, no brakes, no waiting, no evaluation and judgment, fresh and naturally relaxed at any time. The termination of allocations themselves from life fears and worries, we cease to be those who are living life and just remain life itself!

Eckhart Tolle: Knowing your true self

Many things in your life are important, but only one is absolutely essential. It is important that you succeed or fail in the eyes of the world. It is important whether you are healthy or not, whether you are educated or not. It is important whether you are rich or poor, it’s really in your life makes a difference. Yes, all those things are important, relatively speaking, but they are not significant in absolute terms.

There is something more important than all of these things, and that is finding the essence of what you are behind this ephemeral entity, this brief personalized sense of self. You will find peace, not through changing circumstances of your life, but understanding the true self at the deepest level.

Reincarnation can not help you if you are not in his next incarnation you do not know who you are.

All accidents occurring on the planet thanks to a personalized sense of “me” or “us”. It covers the essence of who you are. When you are not aware of their inner essence, in the end you always create an accident. Exactly.

Confusion, anger, depression, violence and conflicts arise when people forget who they are.

When you do not know who you are, you mind creating self as a replacement for its beautiful divine being and firmly adhere to this timid and demanding self. Protecting and strengthening this false sense of self then becomes your primary motivating force. Many of the phrases that are in common use, sometimes even the very structure of the language, reveal the fact that people do not know who they really are.

You say: “He lost his life”, as that life is something one can possess or lose. The truth is: you have no life, you is life. One life, one consciousness that permeates the entire universe and that takes temporary form to experience herself as a stone or a blade of grass, like an animal, a person, a star or galaxy.

Can you feel that you are deep inside to know? Can you feel that you are already That? For most things in life take time: to learn a new skill, built a house, become an expert, prepared a cup of tea … It is time, however, useless for the most important thing in life, the only thing that really matters: self-knowledge, it means knowing who we are truly beyond the surface of the self – behind the names, physical form, life history, stories.

You can find yourself in the past or the future. The only place where you can find yourself eating at the present time.

Spiritual seekers are looking for self-realization in the enlightenment that will occur in the future. To make the searcher means that you need a future. If that’s what you believe, you are subject to the following: really will take time until you realize that you do not need time to be what they truly are.

When you look at a tree, you are aware of wood. When you have a thought or feeling, you are aware of these thoughts or feelings. When you experience a pleasant or painful experience, you are aware of that experience.

This works out to an obvious statement, however, if you look at them thoroughly, you will find that in a very subtle way, the structure of which contains a fundamental illusion, the illusion that is inevitable when using the language.

Thinking and language create seeming duality and shared in person where there is no division. The truth is: you are not someone who is aware of the wood, thinking, feeling or experience. You are the presence or awareness in which and through which these things occur. Can you be aware of yourself as a consciousness in which the entire content of your life unfolds? You say: “I want to know myself.” You are the “I”. You sure knowledge. You are the consciousness through which all knowledge.

But it can not know itself – what it is.

Nothing exists beyond that, however, all knowledge arises from it. “I” can not make himself the object of knowledge, awareness. So, you can not become an object to himself. That is the cause of illusion egotistical identity – because you yourself mentally into an object. “It’s me”, you say. And then you begin to establish a relationship with yourself, and talking to others and ourselves your story.

Know yourself as a consciousness in which the event pop-up things, you become free from addiction to pop things and finding themselves in situations, places and situations. In other words: what happens or does not happen is no longer important. Things lose their weight, gravity. In your life shall playfulness. You begin to experience the world as a cosmic dance, dance forms – neither more nor less.

When you realize the true self, will perform permanently live feeling of calm. It could be called and joy, because joy is just that: a vibrating alive peace.

This is the joy of knowing yourself as the very essence of life before life took shape. This is the joy of Being – being who you truly are. Just as water can be solid, liquid or gaseous, can be viewed as a consciousness that is “frozen” like a physical thing, “liquid” as the mind and thoughts, or formless as pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is life before he embodied, and that life looking at the world through a form of “your” eyes because you are consciousness. When you know yourself as this, then you will recognize yourself in luck cabbage patnjasvemu. It is a state of complete clarity of perception. You are no longer an entity whose difficult past forms a filter concepts through which interprets every experience. When observed without interpretation, can qi you to feel what it is that you perceive. Most of what language can express is that there is a field of restful tranquility where all perceptions event. Through the “you” is formless consciousness aware of itself.

What takes the lives of most people are desire and fear. The desire, the need to add something yourself in order to your “yes” be fuller. All fears are fears of losing something and thus disappearing and being smaller. These two developments blur the fact that it will be not be given or taken away. Being in its fullness is already in you, NOW.

Eckhart Tolle

Change is greed

Take anything to change? I have a surprise for you, a lot of good news! You do not have to do anything. The more you do, it gets worse. All you have to do is to understand. Think about your emotions toward someone with whom you live or work, and you do not like, and who is in you arouses negative feelings. Let me help you understand what is happening.
The first thing you must understand is that the negative feelings in you. You are responsible for these negative feelings, and not someone else. Someone else in your place would be totally calm and collected in the presence of that person; it on it would not have worked. You react. Now realize one thing: setting up a request, you expect something from that person. Can you do posvjestiti? Say then that person: “I have no right to ask you any demands.” Having said that, this will also reject their demands. “I have no right to ask you any demands. Ah, I’ll protect you from the consequences of your actions, of your mood, and what not, but you go ahead, be they choose to be. I have no right to ask you any demands. “
Do you see what happens to you when you do. If you there is resistance to say, My God, how much you reveal about their “corresponding”. Let the dictator in you, let them see the tyrant. You thought you were as a little lamb, is not it? But I’m a tyrant, and you are a tyrant. Small variations on the theme: “I am a fool, and you’re a fool.” I’m a dictator, and you are a dictator. I would like to manage your life, I would like to tell you what you should be, and how you should behave. Better to act as I have decided, as I will otherwise punish negative feelings. Remember what I told you, we are all fools.
One woman told me that her son received the award in his high school. The award was for outstanding results in sport and learning. She was happy for him, but he was tempted to tell him: “Do not be a high rise because of this award because it could fall low when you’re not so successful.” She debated: how to prevent its future disappointments, and that he now does not spoil the joy.
Let’s hope he will learn that while his mother is growing in wisdom. It does not matter what he will say it. The important thing is what will it one day be. Then they will understand, they will know what to say and when to say. The award was the result of events that can be cruel if it is based on hatred of themselves or to others. People feel good at the expense of the bad feelings of others. Victory is always over some. Is not that terrible? The mental hospital is normal!
One is an American doctor wrote about the impact of competition on our lives. He attended medical school in Switzerland where there was a lot of Americans. He said that some students experienced shock when they realized that at that faculty no evaluation, no awards, no Dean’s Award for the best students, not the best, or second best of the departments. He said: “Some of us simply could not accept. We have become almost paranoid. We thought that this is an illusion. “And so some went to other colleges. Those who have survived there, suddenly noticed one thing you have never seen in American universities: good students are helping others, give them my notes. His son was in medical school in the United States, and tells him that the students in the laboratory often spoil the image of the microscope so that the next student takes three to four minutes to re-set. Competition. They have to succeed, have to be perfect. He also wrote a nice story that he says is true, but it could serve as a nice metaphor. In a small town people were gathered in the evening to play together. They had a saxophonist, drummer, violinist, mostly elderly people. They gathered for the company, because of the sheer pleasure of playing, although they did not play particularly well. I so enjoyed, and excellent is implemented until one day they decided to bring a new conductor who was very ambitious and full of vigor. The new conductor told them: “Hey, guys, we would have to give a concert. We need to prepare a concert for the city. “The conductor then gradually rid of a few people who are not well played, hired a few professional musicians, experienced with the orchestra, and the names they appeared in the newspaper. Was not that wonderful? Then they decided to go play in a bigger city, but some older people, with tears in his eyes said, “It was so nice in the old days when we played badly, but we enjoyed it.” And so the cruelty came into their lives, but no one it is not recognized as cruelty. You see how people have become crazy!
Some of you ask me what it means, “Be who you are, that’s fine, but I’ll protect and I will be what I am.” In other words, I will not let myself be manipulated. I will live my life, I will go our separate ways, I feel free to think what you want and follow their passions and their tastes. And I’ll tell you ‘no’. If not want to be in your company, it will not be because of any negative feelings that you evoke in me, because you are no longer able to arouse. You have no more power over me. It may be that some company of other people simply prefer. And therefore, when we say, “Will you go with me to the movies tonight?” I’ll tell you: “I’m sorry, I’m going with someone else. I prefer his company than yours. “And that’s fine – do not tell people, that’s wonderful. Part of awakening consists in the fact that you live your life the way you want. I understand: it is not selfish. It’s selfish if you require others to live the way you want. Selfishness lies in demanding that someone else lives so to satisfy your taste, your pride, your profit, your satisfaction. It’s really selfish. Therefore, I will protect. I will not be regarded as a duty to tell you that. If your company I feel comfortable, I’m gonna enjoy it without sticking. And the more you will not avoid because of the negative feelings that resonate within me. You have no more of this.
Awakening should be no surprise. When something you do not expect it to happen, but it happens, you’re surprised. When the woman saw Webster kissing the maid, she told him that was very surprised. Webster’s turn was champion of the correct use of words (understandable, since it is written by Dictionary), and answered: “No, dear, I’m surprised. You’re stunned! “
Some people set themselves the goal of awakening. I firmly decided to do so. They say: “I refuse to be happy until I wake up.” In this case, it is better to stay as you are. Simple awareness is fortunate compared to by trying to constantly respond to all. People react so quickly because they are not aware of. You realize that there are circumstances in which you will inevitably respond, even in complete awareness. But as you grow in consciousness, less respond, and increasingly act. It really does not matter.
There’s a story about a student who said his guru to go somewhere far away in the hope that it will achieve enlightenment. Every six months he sent a message to his guru to report on its progress. The first report was: “Now I understand what it means to give up himself.” Guru tore message and threw it in the wastebasket. After six months he received a message that read: “Now I have achieved sensitivity to all beings.” He tore it and the message. And then came the third message which read: “Now I understand the secret of the one and the many.” And again it tore. And so it was for years until one day the message did not stop arriving. After a while, the guru became curious. Some passenger went to the far end where the student lived, but his guru said: “Try to find out what happened to this man.” I finally got a message from him. It said: “What does it matter?” When he read the guru, said: “He did it! He did it! He realized! He finally realized! “
Here’s another story. A soldier on the battlefield, whenever he saw a piece of paper, threw the rifle, picked up the paper and looked at him. Then you let him fly from his hands to the ground. Then he went somewhere else and repeated the same thing. His comrades are noticed and they said: “He exhibits the danger. He needs help. “So they sent him to the hospital, and gave him the best psychiatrist, but it seemed that there are no results. He wandered around the hospital and collected papers. Lazily watching them and let them go fly on the floor. Finally they said: “We have to fire him from the army.” They asked him to hand over a bill of divorcement. Lazily took it in his hands, looked and exclaimed: “That’s it! That’s it! “He finally found what he was looking for.
So, be aware of your present situation whatever it might be. Do more to be a dictator. Stop pushing yourself because one day you realize that what you wanted to achieve by pushing already achieved the consciousness.

Changed Man

In their quest for consciousness do not make demands. You should not act as if you respect traffic signs. Failure to follow the road signs, you pay the penalty. Here, in the US, driving the right side of the road. In England and India drives the left side. If you fail to comply, you will pay a penalty. There is no room for hurt feelings, requirements or expectations, just to rule according to traffic regulations.
Wondering where is the compassion, where is the sense of guilt. You’ll find out when you wake up. If you now feel guilty, so I’ll explain it then? How will you understand what it is compassion. You know, sometimes people try to imitate Jesus, but if a monkey plays the saxophone does not mean that he became a musician. You can not imitate Jesus, imitating his behavior. You must become Jesus. Then you will know exactly what to do in the given circumstances, given your temperament and character and temperament and character of the person with whom you are dealing. No you will not have to explain. But to do this, you have to be what Jesus was. Mimicking external aspect will not lead anywhere. If you think that compassion means indulgence, then you in any way I can describe it is compassion. No way, because compassion can lead to extreme intransigence. Compassion can be very rough, you can shake, can rotate their sleeves and take you in his arms. Compassion involves many things. Compassion can be very mild, but you can not know. You can “find” only if you become love, or in other words, if they give up their illusions and attachments.
While less identify with the “I”, you will be more relaxed with regard to everything and everyone. Do you know why? Because you will not be afraid that you people can not hurt, or that they do not like. Not when you will not want to leave a good impression. Can you imagine a relief when no one else does not have to impress? Ah, what a relief. Finally, you are lucky! You will not feel the need or urge to explain things. What is this need to explain? And you will not feel the need or urge to apologize. I would like to hear from you: “Woke (la) I”, but “I’m sorry.” I would prefer you to tell me: “Woke (la) I since we last met. What I did to you last time (la) will not happen again “, but to hear:” I’m so sorry for what I did (la). “Why would people need to demand an apology? Think carefully about this. Even if someone was intentionally mean to you, there is no room for excuses. No one was mean to you. Someone’s been naughty according to what he thought, or thought you did, but not to you. No one ever rejected. They reject just what you think they are. But this is true for the other side of the coin. Also no one ever accepts. While not wake up, people just accept or reject the image you have about yourself. People create a picture of yourself, and that’s what you accept or reject. Do you see how the earthquake when you enter into this deep? It’s a bit too liberating. But how easy it is to love people when you realize. How easy it is to love everybody when you do not identify with what they think of you, and you about them. It becomes easy to love, to love everyone.
I watch what I “associated”, but with that not identified, because “me” is also doing a lot of bad. But when I watch “me”, I was constantly aware that only reflects. In fact, I think not “related” or the “I”. You are like a car driver – you never want to lose awareness of your car. It’s okay if you dream, but do not lose awareness of what surrounds you. You must always be vigilant. It’s like when the mother is sleeping: do not hear the aircraft passes over her house, but heard the whimper of their baby. Attentive and vigilant so. Can not say anything about the state of awakening; You can only talk about sleep. Can not say anything about luck. What can be described is misery. Discard what makes you unhappy and you will understand. Love can not be described, but contrary to that. Discard the contrary, reject fear and you will understand. We want to know how it awakened the man, but you will learn only when you get there.
Does this, for example, that do not demand from their children? I said, “You have no right to ask any demands.” Sooner or later the child will leave you out of obedience to the Lord’s command, and you will not even have any rights to it. In fact, this child is not your child, nor has it ever been your. It belongs to life, not you. No one belongs. You, however, think the education of children. If you want to get lunch, be there between twelve and twelve thirty, or you will not get lunch. And point. So this is all about. Do not come on time – do not get lunch. True, you are free, but you must bear the consequences.

Find yourself

Are you saying that you understand everything else in this world, but do not know what is? Are you saying that you understand the astronomy and black holes, and quarks, you mastered computer science, but you do not know who you are? Man, even sleep. You are a scientist who is sleeping. Are you saying that you know who Jesus Christ is, and you do not know who you are? How do you know that you understand Jesus Christ? Who is this person who understands? The first to find out. This is the foundation of everything, do not you? It is because we did not understand all these mindless believers water and mindless religious wars: Muslims against Jews, Protestants against Catholics, and other nonsense. I do not know who they are, because if they did, there would be no wars. As it was one girl asked one boy: “Are you a Presbyterian?” He answered, “No, we belong to one another pittance!” [1]

However, what I would now like to stress is self-perception. You are listening to me, but you hear the other sounds except my voice while I’m listening to? If you do not hear, that means that I will brainwash you, or would you be operating force of your inner self which even you are not aware. Even when you are aware of your reaction to me, are you also aware of that and where they come from these reactions? Maybe you do not listen, you might listen to me your dad. I do not know if it’s possible? Of course it is. Over and over again in their therapeutic groups I meet people who are not present there at all. Their dad is there, their mother was there, but they are not there, nor have ever been. “I live, yet not I, but my dad lives in me.” This is absolutely, literally true. Could you take apart the pieces and ask: “So, this sentence, whether he comes from mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather – by whom?”

Who lives in you? It’s pretty horrifying when finding out. You think you’re free, but probably no one gestures, thoughts, feelings, attitude, belief in you that does not come from someone else. Is not that terrible? And you are not aware of it. I’m talking about a mechanical life that is imprinted in you. Very you care about some things and you think that you are the (j) who cares about them, but is it really so? You will need a lot of awareness to be able to understand that perhaps this thing you call “I” nothing but a bunch of your past experiences, your condition and programming.

It is painful. In fact, when you start to wake up, you feel really strong pain. It is painful to watch how your illusions dissipate. Everything you thought you built turns to dust, and it is painful. Repentance means just that, awakening means just that. How about now, right where you’re sitting, you spend a few minutes in becoming conscious, even as I speak, what you feel in your body, what you are thinking, and what is your emotional state? How about, if you have your eyes open, you become aware of plates in front of you and the color of the walls, and the materials from which they are made? How could you become aware of my face and your reaction on my face? In you are always going reaction, whether you know it or not. And it’s probably not your reaction, but one to which you have been conditioned. And it would be to become aware of some things that I just said, although it will not be awareness, but a memory.

You increase our awareness of our presence in this room. Say to yourself: “I’m in this room.” It’s as if you are outside yourself, watching from the outside. Note that this is a little different feeling than when you look at other things in the room. Later we will ask: “Who is this person who observes.” I watch myself. What is this “I”? What is the “self”? For now it is only allowed to be looking at, but if you start to condemn or justify, do not cut no judgment or trial does not justify, simply set, only observe. Condemned. I judge you. I justify the. Just watch and point. Do not accidentally try to change! Do not say: “We were told that we can not do.” Just watch what happens. As I already said, self-perception means watching – observation of what is happening in and around you as it was happening to someone else.

I suggest that we make another exercise. Write a brief paper on your description, for example: a business man, a priest, a human being, Catholic, Jewish, anything.

As I see it, write some things as: successful, a pilgrim seeking, capable, lively, eager, sober, flexible, pomirivatelj, a lover, a member of the human species, too complicated. I believe that this is the outcome of self-perception. As you’re watching another person.

But be careful, you have a “yes” that observing “self”. This is an interesting phenomenon which philosophers, mystics, scientists and psychologists never stop to wonder: “I” looks at “self.” It seems that the animals can not. It seems that this requires a certain measure of intelligence. What I’m about to tell you is not metaphysics or philosophy, but merely observation and common sense. Great Eastern mystics to be talking about “I” and not the “self”, the “corresponding” [2]. In fact, some of these mystics say that the first should start with things, awareness of things, and then we pass on awareness of thoughts (ie “self”, “associated”), and in the end we achieve awareness thinkers. Things, thoughts, misltelj. What I really want is a thinker. Can the thinker to know? May I know what the “I”? Some mystics say: “Can a knife to cut himself? Can a tooth bite itself? Can the eye see itself? Can the ‘I’ know yourself. “But I’m concerned with something much more purposeful, and that is to determine what the” I “is not. We’ll go slow, the slowest possible, because the consequences are devastating. Horrible or frightening, depending on the angle from which you look.

Listen to this: am I my thoughts, thoughts that mean? Not. Thoughts come and go, I am not my thoughts. Am I my body? They say that the millions of cells in our body to change or renew every minute, so that after seven years in our body does not have a single cell that was there seven years ago. The cells come and go, come and go, but it seems that the “I” permanent. Then, whether I am my body? Obviously not!

“I” is different from the body, and a little more of it. You can say that the body is part of the “I”, but that part is changing. Constantly moving, constantly changing. We have one and the same name for him, but is constantly changing. Just as we have the same name for Niagara Falls or Niagara waterfalls consists of water that is constantly changing. We use the same name for a reality that is constantly changing.

And my name? Is the “I” of my name? Obviously not, because it can change its name and not change the “I”. And my career, my beliefs? If I say that I am a Catholic, or a Jew – is it an essential part of the “I”? When you change your religion, whether to change the “I”? Will I have a new “I”, or is that the same “I” that has changed? In other words, if my name is an essential part of me, part of the “I”? I mentioned one girl who asked a little boy: “Are you a Presbyterian?” Someone told me a joke about Paddy, an Irishman from Belfast. Paddy was walking down the street when suddenly felt a pistol barrel on the back of the head, and heard a voice: “Are you Protestant or Catholic?” Paddy had to quickly think about it, then said: “I am a Jew.” The voice replied, “I’m luckiest Arab in Belfast! “

Labels are so important to us. We say: “I am a Republican.” But, are you really? You can not say that if you change your party got a new “I”. Is not that the same old “I” with a new political beliefs? I remember the man who asked his friend: “Do you want to vote for the Republican Party?” His friend replied, “No, I intend to vote for Democrats. My father was a Democrat, my grandfather was a Democrat, and my great-grandfather was a Democrat. “The first said:” It’s a crazy logic. I mean, if your father was a horse thief, and if your grandfather was a horse thief, and if your great-grandfather was a horse thief, what are you then? “” Ha, so then I was a Republican, “he answered.

So many times in life we respond to their own and other people’s labels. Identifies the label and “I”. “Catholic” and “Protestant” are very common labels. One man came to the priest and said: “Father, I would like to serve a mass for my dog.” The priest was shocked. “What do you mean, to serve Mass for the dog?” “That dog was my favorite,” said the man. “I loved that dog and I would like to see a Mass for him.” The priest said: “We are not displayed Mass for dogs. Try those lower down the street, they have other faiths. Ask them if they could have a ritual for you. “When the man came out he said,” Too bad. I really loved that dog. I was going to offer a million dollars to Mass. And the priest said, “Wait a minute, you have not told me the dog was Catholic.”

When you capture the label, which is the value of these labels, if we talk about the “I”? Can we say that “I” is not one of the labels that it beautiful? Labels belong to the “associated”. What is constantly changing is “associated”. Does the “I” ever changing? Does the observer ever change? The fact is that all labels (except perhaps “human being”) that use fall under the “related”. “I” is none of these things. And so, when you get out of yourself and observe the “related”, do not identify more with him. Suffering exists in “corresponding”, and therefore when “I” identify with “corresponding”, begins suffering.

Let’s say that you are afraid, or something you want, or you are anxious about something. When the “I” is not equated with money, or name, or nationality, or people, or friends, or any virtue, “I” is never threatened. It can be very active, but not endangered. Think of something that you caused, or you still causes pain, or anxiety, or you are concerned about. First, can you recognize the desire that lies beneath this suffering. There’s something you really want, because otherwise you would not have suffered. What is this desire? Second: it’s not just about desire, it’s about identification. Somehow you convinced of this that the well-being of the “I”, almost the existence of “I” associated with that desire. All suffering arises when one identifies with something in it or out of it.


Our mind threatens us, he pointed the gun at our  head, and this is possible only if we believe that we have a head in which the mind can point a gun.
What do you think you’ll lose if you lose your “self”, you will find that you are all that you as the Self. Awakening is death, but the death of the ego-mind, identity and attachment. You will not die, but what you did not die.

Mooji– Fear