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Self-knowledge – Travelling Without Times

There is a place where what we call God meets him, it is a place of indescribable beauty and quiet joy, peace, bliss and love that eternally heated. It can arrive at any time, not taking even one step, this is the place by which to reach it, you do not have to walk, drive, fly, run or do anything, even though you and all that, coming on this place is not determined by physical movement, this is a place that is equally successful can come from not showing up. But no matter which does not necessarily include the movement and there is no one single way there, it is still one of the largest travel in everyone’s life, the journey of understanding and recognizing themselves. The only condition that must be met and what is truly important before you go on a journey without time, is that you shed the heavy backpack conviction, arrogance, pride, care, assessment, mistrust and fear. Leave complicated and drawn maps out of mind, forget what someone else said, and suffered, and the path that has passed. Be a light to himself! All you need in this journey is to run the compass of their intuition and open to what marvelous, sacred, mystical, what he is thinking, it does not wait for the response and permission “rational”, what this calling from within you to do this ” leap of faith, “no matter what prejudice your mind had about it, because it is a” place “beyond the mind and logic. To set this path, move from active thinking to stay relaxed and experiencing. Leave the beauty that is before you and aware, you will be there! And when you find yourself there, you will understand at once that there is out there and that it never existed except as an idea in your mind, but that it is “there” always, only and always just here and now!

Hidden directly in front of our eyes in the astonishing simple obvious that promotes our restless mind, is the endless expanse of a perfect and holy. Silence worries and you’ll understand – life is the perfection of beauty. If there were only one degree less than pure perfection, then nothing could exist! All would be instantly shattered and simply disappeared. So, ALL BUT IS PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR FULLY AS SUCH itself. Nothing herein should not be changed, no other repairs or to save, except his own ignorance. The only thing that makes the seemingly imperfect perfection is only our inability to recognize and understanding this simple truth and instead expects something different, something unusual. And what we really need to be able to recognize this simple and obvious truth, is to leave his complicated ideas and preconceived expectations of what could and should be so and instead simply be the beauty of what it is!

Self-knowledge is not reaching perfection, but the recognition of what is already perfect as such. Put on yourself is the way to here. How can you go to where there already are? You do not need to go anywhere, just recognize that you’re already where you need to be! It’s really that simple. Life is simple, reality is simple. The truth is simple, she just stays. In what is a complicated’ll never find the truth. Everything is complicated because it is not naturally stems from doubt and fear and requires thinking. The key truth is the recognition and acceptance of what is. And this is best achieved perceiving beauty.

Beauty is expressed perfection of Love through which it recognizes the majesty of themselves. The beauty in all its forms, not only universally accepted beauty, but every beauty. Whenever seest beauty, whenever they recognize and history in your life, be it only for a short time, you are no exceptions currently transferred to a state of absolute tranquility, serenity, joy and completeness that is without thought – and that is God! There is no other God independent of you. God you in every spontaneous moment of love, joy and admiration of the beauty of all that is. This is what we call God, it is a complete knowledge of your own creatures in their natural grandeur and luxury, this is what they’re talking about all the scriptures, all spiritual traditions – nothing you have to take, just be there, in the eternal presence in which dissolves the time until “TI” not lose the self-importance and are left only tO, pure being, pure love and acceptance. Then, life becomes divine nectar stay because you see, the place where God dwells never and can not be anywhere else but here and now, in you, all the time hidden and quiet available in holiness that lies beneath a thick layer of concern, fear and noise of thy egoistic thoughts. Therefore, just be and his being will know.

Nature at its best

Day after day, all I’m more and more impressed by how nature works. This is my little flower from the garden you have in front of your building. I keep it, and the children playing around the building are careful to not  stood on my small garden. This is another proof that nature is so fascinating that even your mind can not grasp.