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David Ick – ONE

Our only limitation is our sense of limits. The illusion we can control only when we think it is real, just like us magician can not cheat when you know how a trick is done. Knowing the Oneness and the manifestation of ‘reality’ through thought, we can create the illusion that we like, fully aware that this is what we do. Unleashing mind you fear, doubt and a sense of the limitations, we can live in an illusory paradise knowing that we are a paradise – One.

We talk about how we separated from Oneness, but the term I use only for simplicity. In fact, we do not separate. I can not be, because one is always one. Specifically, we fell for the illusion of separation, duality and polarity, and as such create a holographic illusion of separation. We do not need to reconnect, we just have to realize that we have never been separated. The sense of division indoctrinated illusion. Seemingly experience separation occurs when we close our heart chakra, our direct connection to the Oneness, and become mesmerized by the illusory world of ‘head’ of the mind. The heart chakra or vortex equilibrium is the point other six major chakras, this is an expression of Oneness: a balance of everything. That’s what the “love”: a balance of everything. Balance – Oneness in awareness of itself – no poles between which would vibrate. The One can not oscillate because there can be only one ‘one’. As I have experienced in the Amazon, Oneness does not vibrate, it is quiet. Therefore, spiritual people talk about peace in the heart. They speak of peace Oneness that we express through the heart vortex. What do we say when we are faced with troubles’ of the world? “It hurts my heart because” i “It breaks my heart.” These feelings relate to Oneness observing the illusion of the heart and empathy with other expressions of the One who suffer the consequences of illusory disconnection. My heart aches because I know that does not have to be that way, and I know that there could be only if we cast off the chains that bind us to the illusion.

Are you experiencing the world through the heart, not the head, overall, our reality is transformed. Instead of thinking ‘what to do, we feel, or know it in your heart, the place where we feel love or feel pain. It is our relationship with the One in our state of captivity in the Matrix. The Illuminati are constantly trying to close a heart swirl through events that promote fear, resentment and desire for revenge. The entire world economic system is arranged to that end – to encourage competition and conflict that share a sense of one cycle and create everyday stress that comes from the race for material sleep ‘and illusory’ success’, or attempts to survive on the crumbs left behind by those expelled in stampede to the trough potion. It is harder to open your heart if you hate a man who was on the job that you want, or when the moon lasts far longer than wages. To create the energy of fear on which depend their masters, the Illuminati must close the heart chakra, because only then can we be influenced by emotional states in which the heart knows that only the illusion of the mind. Energy flows where attention is focused, they say, and we are under pressure to focus their attention on fear, resentment, revenge and survival. Frustration strongly suppresses heart. Not surprisingly, studies have shown that people with high aggressiveness and hostility are seven times more likely to die of heart attacks than those with a low score. These emotions close the heart chakra and reduce the flow of energy, which creates a pressurized field of energy that the physical heart manifests as a heart attack. This is the mechanism by which stress causes heart disease. Well, if you do not let their reality these manipulated emotions rises above them, but they do not manage our health and the way in which we see ourselves and others. When we feel and know in your heart, we find empathy with all other expressions of the One. The heart can not be identified by the fact that the American or British, Jew or Arab. It is identified only with Oneness, balance, fairness and justice for all. Heart love what they believe is right, no matter what or who they are. Those who manipulate the John Wayne mentality in America in order to get support for their wars of conquest would have had no chance when he addressed an open heart. Heart would immediately rejected the idea of violence against anyone. The heart knows that it only creates more violence and that any violence assault One of yourself. With an open heart to all wars stopped for lack of interest in them. But the Illuminati bypass the wisdom of the heart and aim at the head of a reality perceived in terms of ‘we’ and ‘they’, the good guys (us) and bad guys (they). Head believes that the American or British, Arab or Jew. She sees only the parts, not the whole. He believes in light and dark, right and left, right and wrong; and such hardened beliefs create illusory duality. The head adjusts to what you ‘see to it confirmed her beliefs and see what she says to see. An example of this is the belief in God blessed America, Land of the Free, which meets God-given destiny makers of peace and justice worldwide by encouraging violence and injustice. Every ideology Matrix in action. Ideology is the illusion that there is only one way, but its advocates are fanatics who, in their arrogant obsession with him, trying to impose their beliefs on others. How can there be only one way if you’re dealing with infinity? There can only be a myriad of ways because the Infinite omnipotence. Wisdom is diversity; j s ideology. . . , And> simply stupid. Wilson Bryan Key writes:

“The moment one accepts objective reality, eternal truth, he became vulnerable, susceptible to manipulation and extremely vulnerable to exploitation. He ceased to function as an autonomous, creative individual who is considering living in an integrated, interdependent world. “

If you can give the name or title of what you eat and what you believe, Matrix keeps you in hand. I do not care if you call yourself an American, Arab, Jew, Australian, African or a Chinese; You are thinking in terms of fragmentation and small. Or are you a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim? Then you Matrix holds. It is an ideology, belief in an absolute truth in endless possibilities. There is never only one answer. Proponents of these religions will vehemently deny that this ideology, especially Buddhism. But as soon as you can call it a name, then it is. The truth is simple; we all just are. It is a force without a name.

When you “think” and observe an open heart, we approach the infinite balance, love, wisdom, knowledge. Intuition becomes a guide who leads us through the maze of manipulation that captures the head in the illusion that it is considered real. See does not believe; even feel does not believe; to know is to believe, or more precisely, to know is to know. The belief is an illusion of the mind. When we submit to the heart, the head begins to observe the reality of other, broader perspective. In doing so, it becomes one with the heart, and what we think and feel become one because they are united and they know. When this happens, the soul of this Armistice Day; War is over. Inner peace becomes outer peace because the two only one. The conflict in the Outer ‘world is only a reflection of the war in all of us. You reconcile with ourselves, we patched things up with life itself, j s r we are life itself. When we do that, the Illuminati will not be as it will be erased from our understanding of reality, just as the man could not see his daughter. The Illuminati are also illusions of our minds, such as the brain, which are trying to program. Even our minds outside the brain illusions. It’s the same with the heart chakra, although it is an illusion higher level. It is just steps to the right, comprehensive Oneness, where there is no heart or soul is not the head; just balance everything, Omniscience, which simply ‘is’. Illusion (mind) creates the illusion (reality). Oneness of all is the only truth, everything else is illusion. Mystic, Sri Aurobindo Ghose brilliantly described the cure for all of the above:

“Not only did we have to break the trap of the mind and feelings, but also we need to escape from the snare of the thinker, traps theologians and church builder, network Words and Ideas shackles. All this is in us and is waiting to walled spirit form; but we must always go beyond, always discard less for the greater, finally doing the Infinite; We must be willing to move from enlightenment to enlightenment, from experience to experience, from the condition of the soul to a state of the soul … We must not be tied even to the truth in which we believe most firmly because they are only forms and expressions of indescribable which refuses to be limited in any form or expression. “

We are not our bodies. We are not our brains. We are not even our thoughts. We are silent, peace between them. Even when we think we are expanding the illusion. We live in a world that is arranged so as to be neither of these is not quiet. At each door to the One are the guardians. They keep us busy, busy, busy to keep the chatter of the mind. The development of cities concentrates people and stress, movement and noise.

Where is the silence? Where is the peace? They are in us and it is a place where we need to go in order to experience one. Worth every day to take the time to calm the mind and enter the silence and peace, where knowledge is waiting to speak with us. Sri Aurobindo said: “In order to discover a new country to us, we leave behind the old.”

Meditation is one way of achieving this, although I prefer to call sitting in peace. I can hear many nonsense about meditation, this or that method. I met many meditation addicts who are no more enlightened than those who are thus never engaged. I met many addicts to psychoactive drugs in a similar situation. It’s not in meditation or drugs, but that where you will let you take one, or, more precisely, where you let yourself take her.

Sit still, at least for me, means to surrender to your heart and let it lead you home. If you have never worked, it can be frustrating trying to stop the rattle in his head. So do not even try. Do you do this, you are giving her strength through its attention. Do not try to do anything, just be. It takes strength of mind: repeating this you will discover that chatter stops and you can enter in a timeless state of Oneness where there are no questions, not even a word; There is only knowledge, stay. It’s like taking a deep breath, step back a step and look at life from a different perspective. What you believe it is so important is becoming less important when disappear division and unity is all that remains.

Within the empire of illusion visualization is concentrated thought (like “prayer”), and thought creates holographic reality. Visualizing what you want to create the holographic experience can be extremely effective for manifesting your desires. Through this we can experience whatever you want – pleasant or unpleasant, a nightmare or our most beautiful dream. Our beliefs define the experience. The television psychic from my childhood used to say: “Think lucky and you’ll be happy.” But it has nothing to do with luck; it is a manifestation of reality through sense of reality. If we know we are Oneness and that all else is illusion, we can enjoy a holographic ‘world’ and have fun. We can experience everything at our disposal – anything. Life is not “either-or” but “and-and”. Our only limitation is our sense of limits. The illusion we can control only when we think it is real, just like us magician can not cheat when you know how a trick is done. Knowing the Oneness and the manifestation of ‘reality’ through thought, we can create the illusion that we like, fully aware that this is what we do. Unleashing mind you fear, doubt and a sense of the limitations, we can live in an illusory paradise knowing that we are a paradise – One.

Iconic Moment This could become the photo of the year: Courageous Swede alone stood in the way of Nazi march

The peaceful protest brave forty year old woman against right-wing extremism in Swedish society so completely eclipsed Nazi march organized by the pro-Nazi organization Nordic motståndsrörelsen (Nordic Resistance Movement) and made it clear that Scandinavia and Europe will not bow to the politics of exclusion, which, unfortunately, in recent years constantly increased supporters

Dark skinned Swede Tess Asplund alone two days ago, with his fist raised high in the air, stood in the way of a column of three hundred neo-Nazis who marched through the streets Borlangea, a town in central Sweden. That moment immortalized by the photographer David Lagerlöf, and his photo was published in a number of European media and became a viral hit on social networks in Scandinavia.

The peaceful protest brave forty year old against right-wing extremism in Swedish society so completely eclipsed Nazi march organized by the pro-Nazi organization Nordic motståndsrörelsen (Nordic Resistance Movement) and made it clear that Scandinavia and Europe will not bow to the politics of exclusion, which, unfortunately, in recent years constantly increased supporters.

– With this act I wanted to give a tribute to Nelson Mandela. For me Mandela means freedom and peace, said the Swedish journalists Tess Asplund.

She added that the protest against neo-Nazis of her struggle.

– If they’d managed to swoop and make him keep quiet, it would be their victory. Peaceful person I am. I’m not great, but I wanted to show that someone should dare to oppose and said Asplund.

The impact of stress on the spiritual, mental and physical level

Constant wars, conflicts, terrorist incidents, financial worries and countless other negative the incidents … are designed to keep humanity in a state of fear … limiting and separating it from true human nature.

The encouragement of hatred, revenge, condemnation (all these are manifestations of fear) only create the conditions for new conflicts. Fear is in huge quantities stimulates religion. Fear of ‘God’, the fear of death and fear of ‘doomsday’ … It’s the same with ‘science’ and the fear that it creates, of death and nothingness. Mankind is overwhelmed with fear and various derived expressions of negative emotions. That’s why we separated from our real … I took care of that humanity remains unaware control of what is taught in schools and universities, institutions ‘science’ and the media.

Mankind spends his life watching movie believing it to be true … while the real world remains hidden … The mass mind control and emotion at work. Through drug cartels and producers of food attack on the human body and its mental processes. Drugs, vaccines, food additives, genetically modified food, fluoride in water and toothpaste, sweeteners (such as aspartame in carbonated drinks) … all of them are weapons in the fight against human free thought.

These additives are invented to prevent brain cells and to accept more positive frequency … Of course, workers in production facilities or doctors who give vaccines in Africa or America, they have no idea what they are doing … Decisions are taken on a much higher level … Secret government wants poisoning population through food, laboratory produced virus and, most through vaccines weaken the population to help him manage. You want to reduce the population to protect themselves in case of hunger due to climate change.

The pernicious influences of Fear

Bruce H. Lipton in his book “The Biology of Beliefs” describes fear and its effects;

In a similar reaction, which showed cells l when Jews move into a protective mode inevitably restrict their growth mechanisms. If run from a bear, not a good idea to spend energy on growth. To survive-or beat the bear gather all his energy to fight or flight response.

Redistribution of energy supplies to the protective response supplied enerfijom inevitably results in growth arrest. In addition to diverting energy to support tissues and organs needed for a protective response, there is another reason why the growth stops.

The processes of growth requires an open exchange between the organism and its environment. For example, enter the food and waste products excreted. But protection requires the closure of the organism in order to combat the perceived threat.

Stopping the growth process is exhausting and because growth is not a process that only consume energy, but is needed for energy production. Therefore, a permanent protective response stops producing life-imitating energy. The longer you stay in the state of maintenance of protection, the more they endanger their growth. In fact, you can also completely shut down all processes of growth that phrase BE scared to death can become a living truth …


Any kind of fear, fear of job loss, war, famine, survival, violence, global warming …. or any other kind of fear on our body works the same way.

Fear prevents your growth, and notice where the growth begins to disease. Depression and fear are the two biggest causes of diseases. Fear arises when there is knowledge, knowledge or awareness have no fear.

You can not be afraid of death, if you are aware that death does not exist.