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My friend called Depression

Probably the vast majority of people know what depression is, but it does not hurt to remind ourselves, because many people still confuse depression with a simple short-term grief and stuff like that.

Depression is a mental condition characterized by long-lasting feelings of depression, sadness, hopelessness, pessimism, discouragement and a general state of profound emptiness.

Many people who have experienced depression say that they then feel as if a black curtain was lowered on the stage of their lives. Many in this depressed state believe they do not deserve anything in life. The second non-stop feeling like they can not cope with other people, but not with itself. Simply sank, and they do not know how to come back to normal. Motivation depressed person is at zero, her appetite is no, or very frustrating. Nothing she does not work, and now does no longer takes pleasure in things you previously loved to do. Confidence her very little. The condition is that for hours and hours looking at one point, absent and uninterested in anything.

Depression usually occurs (although not a rule) for those people who for some time had panic attacks or prolonged anxiety. Depression affects the whole man’s life, and this is the way a man eats, sleeps, and to what a man thinks of himself. Keep in mind that depression is not the same as a passing sadness that you can draw from time to time. Transient sadness is a normal thing for all people. Please note that depression does not represent a man’s weakness, and it can not disappear just like that as if by magic. People who are affected by depression can not just come to take stock and to stop being depressed. It takes a lot of effort and work on it to get rid of human depression.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition characterized by a feeling of inner restlessness, timidity, fear of something terrible happen, with psychomotor tension and inner turmoil. The person often has the feeling that “explode”, he would lose control of himself, that will happen to her something “terrible”. Anxiety is not tied to a particular object or person.

Anxious person is constantly in a state of “readiness”, constantly on the alert, thinking that she saves some danger. For these people the autonomic nervous system is activated more easily than other people, so it is no wonder that anxiety in some people feared, the sudden sound, as it challenges a variety of symptoms (rapid heart rate, sweating, etc …).

Anxiety is nothing but a reluctance current life. People who have anxiety have a false belief that life is dangerous, and that they need to protect themselves from some danger (which does not exist), you need to protect themselves physically (save for a fight – anxiety -> bunch of physical symptoms) or emotionally to withdraw (depression -> sadness, emptiness, etc.). Life is not dangerous, life is good and beautiful.

Anxiety and panic attacks are the result of accumulated, the accumulated stress in an individual’s life. It is therefore important that during work on it our most important item is the avoidance of stressful situations. During periods of extreme stress, the mind wants to deal and cope with that stress, and possible physical and psychological consequences come later when the “quiet storm”. Therefore, it is important to remain calm and peaceful at all times. If it a habit, easier and more peaceful we will cope with stressful situations in the future. When we are calm, our confidence grows, because it is only possible when we are calm and solid. Is not by chance that people suddenly falling confidence when they happen panic attacks. Work on raising self-esteem is priceless.

Depression thinking pattern?

What we have is nothing – type – something it does not like, but I do not know what exactly. I would not, and can not be, nor there is not here, the people known as “bored”. In reality, common and common form of depression that is tasked to force us to slow down, calm down, rest, sleep on it if need be, so let’s move on. It occurs due to the accumulation of huge  quantities completely unnecessary information which of course deprive RAM brain mass, and this (as most PCs) silenced.
What are you drinking? – Type – Oral narcoid  types who would swallow the button, let alone a pill. They tried everything and will try everything, only you do not have to bother with introspection, of insight, deep breathing, meditation, seances, books, courses and other sr..possible that modern life course, provides.
They will now and immediately, but it is not hooked, if maybe..if he can not, will be put on. They heard that somewhere there is a book “Plato not Prozac,” but they fucks for books, because books can not be swallowed. It occurs in early childhood, error mothers / carers to them after the first Kmek glue to their boob/ pacifier in her mouth. Psychological profits – they grew up, they take pills. Psychological fuck – dysfunction of the liver and other organs subject to disintegration due to excessive amounts of chemicals.
You have no idea – type. They have passed all. From tablet, talks to himself and hitting his head on a pole, then over alhohola, razor blades (only askance I pray!) Forced masturbation and breathing into a bag while lying in bed to five days in a row, overeating, starvation with persistent crying, weeping and so in a circle.
But one day met a handsome and smart partners and say “fuck all this ..”, to swim, smoothened and looked in the mirror zanaglejno where the finger to write “Congratulations!” Explain to them that they had never been sick, and that the only poser asking instead of applause pity and self-pity, as the attempt to bite myself in the ass.
It just suddenly hit me – type. Similar to the previous, just a moment of enlightenment modeled on one rocket for fireworks from witnesses O.Wilde-and that is my whole life crying over your life and so well spoil their own gunpowder, so when it came time to hire for the fireworks show and was in its glory, instead of the summer there was a Big vines. E also is just as at one point stopped crying and how many of them left their gunpowder dry and with little gurke, ignition (especially online chat sessions) shine and dispersed in a rainbow of colors. Psychological lesson – the longer the prelude to the better orgasm.
Finally, The Real One! Champion depression, silent type who lies, does not rise, non-slip, no strength, no will, no nothing. As units from snout to tail, he licks his wounds and whining that nobody hears.
Happiness and has only two (rather than a multitude of confusing) solutions: The first is to touch the bottom and resist, letting his own instinct to self-preservation to pump it up with anger and adrenaline. The second is to touch the bottom and drowned to death (because the bottom was not hard but sludge)
Psychological lesson from Pvog – depression is ok, just do not go against it and listen to yourself.
The lesson from the other – Epicurus was right, death should not be afraid because .. “While we are, there is no death, and when death occurs, then there is no more of us, in both cases we passed each other”