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David Ick – Get up and do not fight

It might seem that the title indicates quite ‘flabby’ way to overcome the ‘power’ of the conspiracy Illuminati hybrid or not. This is the only way to successfully perform. Everything stems from the changing ourselves and override programs that we control and manipulate our behavior. I could say that we need to organize demonstrations by public discussions or that we need to organize armed resistance, as some suggest. If you intend to oppose the conspiracy while being in this fracture program, any hell, good can bring? We just adding oil to the fire, on a global level. “Force must be opposed by force, and fire with fire.” Really? What do you get in such
situations? Dual power and dual fire. “We have to stand up and fight.” Oh, great thoughtfully, now we have two sides that are fighting, and I think it’s called ‘war’. “We have to wage war in order to stop the war.” Hey, why do not you fight for peace, but we have two equally useless things at the same time? Fighting for peace, a war in order to prevent wars is stupid doublethink and, just as computer testosterone may yearn for the fight, in this battle of the ruling structures have all the necessary weapons to win.

One more thing: if ever the struggle against dictatorship achieve anything except a new dictatorship under a new name?
Fascism, communism, democracy, are all dictatorships in different forms because they are a manifestation of the same forces. “External” peace can only come through “inner peace”. Black Deer (Black Elk), spiritual leader of the Oglala Sioux, says: first peace, which is the most important comes from the soul of the people who realized their relationship and their oneness with the universe and all its powers, which they saw in the center of the universe resides Wakan- Slim [the Great Spirit] that this center is really everywhere and that it is within each of us.
This is true peace, and every other peace is only his reflection. The second peace is one that is between two individuals, and the third one that sldapa between the two nations. However, above all, should realize that peace between nations can never be until he knew that the true peace, which often speak, resides within the human soul.
It takes a shift in consciousness, or nothing will change. How and to, when the level of consciousness – consciousness – which is a participant in the creation of the vibratory prison just continues to add grid. Albert Einstein said that “problems can not be solved at the level of consciousness in which they were created.” Although he was quite right, many are trying to do just that. I see researchers who manage to highlight some aspects of the conspiracy, and let the good luck to them, but they are still confined to their religious beliefs, which are part of the conspiracy.

I was on an American radio show when some Christian opponent of conspiracy called ‘Satan’, on the basis that they do not believe in TSUS ‘. No matter what I have devoted most of their lives uncovering what is going on, since I am not a follower of his religion, should I condemn and reject. Such people are ‘struggling’ against conspiracies while at the same time it stitched. They will never be the bearers of liberation, among other reasons because it does not want. They do not seek freedom for all, but freedom for them and their beliefs. When they were in power, imposed to the people of their beliefs the same enthusiasm as the Illuminati today. We saw it in those who are running away from “religious persecution” of Europe
imposed strict Puritan religion in America as soon as they had the opportunity. Of course they did, they followed the same program as the other versions of the Christian religion that has forced them to flee to America. So once again we have the same program with a different name. One television producer told me to be a member of the movement of the truth about attacks of September 11 does not want to appear with me in the documentary was filmed.
In addition, this movement does not call me to their events, although I have a conspiracy on September 11 he wrote and spoke much before this possibility anyone of them came to my mind. I do not want to be associated with me because I cross the borders of their perception. They can deal with the fact that they are evil human beings could carry out the September 11th attacks to justify the imposition of greater controls and attacks on other countries for oil, but as soon as you touch the illusory nature of reality and entities from other dimensions, their umovipozatvaraju as fast as others closed minds in relation to them and their beliefs about the events of September 11 How often people treat others in a way that when you condemn such acts to themselves. Not at all does not bother me as me and ‘conspiratorial’ organization refused. I have always worked and always will work alone, but I’m not interested in organizations. This single out only as an excellent example of how something is trying to change at the level of consciousness that created it. It never failed, for one simple reason: because it is impossible.
Only by accessing the higher levels of consciousness, we can transform what you have created denser levels. This means opening our minds and hearts so that we can connect with higher consciousness. Mentioning closed minds, perfectly describes the situation. The human energy field becomes a bubble of low frequency that makes its occupants. David Shainberg, an American psychiatrist from the Psychiatric Institute William Alanson White, believes that thoughts are energy vortices that can become immobile and rigid. These vortices are the second level of the process that combines neural networks and creates a rigid, repetitive series which they fired ‘by reading’ reality. Shainberg says that these immobile, dense vortices manifest in the form of strong convictions, solid sense of reality and unchanging attitudes. This also goes in the opposite direction, and rigid attitudes and beliefs create dense vortices and fixed neural networks. These networks and energy fields of low frequency (a different expression of the same beliefs) are what closes the channels chakras and keeps us in the reality of the five senses, blocking conscious connection with Infinite consciousness. As I said, even if the majority of members of the movement for research
conspiracy only come to the point where their rigid beliefs block the way and prevent their neurons to be turned out into a higher orbit where it can be seen far broader picture. These people also want to keep their ‘credibility’ to the public, therefore, allow limited perception of most people turn their. Be ‘credible’, make a mental edge, you know it makes sense.

The first step in breaking this strong energy fields that keep us in ignorance and slavery is to stop judging on the basis of reflex action. Open mind Svekolikoj Options. This does not mean you have to accept everything you hear, of course not. This means to stop the rejection of something just because it’s contrary to your current perception of reality and possibilities. Remember that the overall ability means that anything is possible. This may sound self-evident, but is usually forgotten. That does not mean anything, if it’s something possible, and must happen; but only means that
possible, therefore, let the information about it enters your data processing system without a priori rejection. Energy will immediately begin to flow more evenly and more powerful, as soon as you open your mind and energy shell starts to crack. Now open your heart and feel the information that you are considering. What your intuition, your knowledge about that? It does not matter what you say thoughts; which tells your intuition about its validity? Is that a yes or no, ‘or perhaps’ has in it the truth or do not understand it all “? under opening.
I think at heart open heart vortex in the middle of your chest, I discovered that the most powerful connection to intuitive knowledge. Visualize that opens up even more and will swirl and open, because energy responds to consciousness. How could it not when energy is consciousness? These simple principles of opening your mind to this kid of options, filtering information and experience through intuitive knowledge and efforts to themselves be the change you wish to see in the world, will transform your life and bring you to a far higher level of consciousness. Your vibrational state will accelerate and become even more powerful magnet, and you’ll be able to consciously connect with Infinite consciousness – a quiet self-aware totality.

I want to break free!

“I Want To Break Free”

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you
I’ve got to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free.

I’ve fallen in love
I’ve fallen in love for the first time

And this time I know it’s for real
I’ve fallen in love, yeah
God knows, God knows I’ve fallen in love.

It’s strange but it’s true
I can’t get over the way you love me like you do
But I have to be sure
When I walk out that door
Oh how I want to be free, baby
Oh how I want to be free,
Oh how I want to break free.

But life still goes on
I can’t get used to, living without, living without,
Living without you by my side
I don’t want to live alone, hey
God knows, got to make it on my own
So baby can’t you see
I’ve got to break free.

I’ve got to break free
I want to break free, yeah
I want, I want, I want, I want to break free.

And truth will set you free: Their ‘Power’ Their powerlessness is an illusion!

“We act as a little because we believe as a kid, and we believe what we are programmed to believe.” – David Icke

o be crystal clear at the outset. Illuminati and their servants have no power over the people, except those which they themselves give people through obedience and submission, or fear, however, what would happen if the masses of the people refused to be obedient and submissive only dogs? Soon it turns out that the apparent power of the Illuminati and their servant in fact – non-existent. Their power to impose a particular practice does not come from the people themselves, but of the people who are ignorant give up their power.

Their power is only the illusion of our own powerlessness. We feel that we are powerless, while power is still in our hands. When we say that the secret societies and their servants, or to turn the system very powerful, it is because we believe that we are under his rule, we have forgotten that the system without us there.

The fact is that the manipulation and control, at least in the form in which it exists today, is based on the submission and obedience, which in turn is based on the fear that arises from ignorance of who we really are. Fear is unfortunately what drives this society, fear is the basis of all laws and fear is the way in which people obey these laws, although the laws are in conflict with the well-being of the people themselves.

Paradoxically, it is the whole of today’s system driven by ourselves, however, we are weak and helpless that in any way influence the same system, though, we are the system, we do not depend on the system but the system at all levels depends on us without us there!

When people finally realize / realize that the power has always been and still is in their hands, in our hearts and in the world things would be peace, because no man by its very nature does not want another being evil, but by a sense of powerlessness and fear makes and allows evil to others and, finally, to himself, because the eyes of fear want more locks, weapons, control and power, security, which is based on fear sooner or later turns into its opposite, insecurity.

“The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on doors, buy guns, to isolate. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. “

While some will stop and think about what was said, and at least partially accept the fact that this is a society based on lies and fear, and that fear (ignorance of who we are) the source of suffering consciousness awakening human beings, at the same time, few people will stop and ask yourself, why is it so. Where fear is coming, it is fear and why we are your responsibility, and therefore the power to stimulate fear surrendered into the hands of others, individuals? Do you believe that the very nature of the one who is to blame, if we believe that this is a problem, and its solution are there, somewhere else, in another, or finally beginning to see that we ourselves are part of the problem, and therefore part of the solution?


“The realization that we are part of the problem, we become part of the solution.”

So, the point is that the problem is in us, and therefore its solution should start from us, first individually, and then collectively. This is the first and most important thing you should understand, otherwise, we will always be vulnerable to become victims of one of the many “savior” who voluntarily pleaded that will protect us and take responsibility for us to yourself.

“Wherever you look fear is the key to control and therefore the key to freedom must be overcome fear.”

By now you already all should be clear that the power of secret societies, world powers just a house of cards, their “power” is our illusion of powerlessness, and since their power over the people based on the people themselves, it is clear how this power – illusory, because the robotization army and police increasingly growing, that’s why I would like to, once again on the wings of fear, in all people install a chip, and make them ordinary obedient robots, because the robot has no will of its own and empathy, not different right from wrong, and every command no matter as she dutifully executed.

It seems that fear is the greatest shame of this world, and the greatest humiliation of man. Follow through over him, like a whip, pointed at his throat, like a knife. Man is surrounded by fear, like flame, immersed it as water. Dismayed by destiny, dismayed by the next day, dismayed by the ruling law, scares him more powerful man, and he is not what you want to be, but what it should be. Endears herself to fate, pray for tomorrow, dutifully repeated act humbly smiling odious mighty man, resigned to be a monstrous creature made of fear and landing.

Mesa Selimovic

Only when one sees an objective state of affairs and where human suffering is really coming, only to then be able to consciously withdraw or terminate support, feed and thus maintain this on deceit, lies and fear-based reality, because:

the system does not have its own energy, power, already has drawn from supporters, followers, those who consume it. You must agree to the power of the meat industry is certainly not based on vegetarians / vegans but to those who consume their products.

The power of the media is not based on those who do not watch TV, do not listen to the radio or read newspapers, but to those who daily spend several hours in front of the TV with a newspaper in his hands, believing everything they are told.
The power of the banks certainly does not come from those who do not consume their services.
The power of the pharmaceutical industry is certainly not based on the people who care for their own health took into their own hands.
The power of political parties, parliamentary majority is based on those who support them, approve of their actions, and not those who are aware that politicians, government merely puppets in the hands of others.
The power of rulers from the shadow of all of us, because as long as we sleep, while we do not know who we are, we live in the illusion of fear and helplessness.
“Learn the truth, and the truth shall make you free”

Know the truth about proper nutrition, and we know all the lie that is related to nutrition, and we know the lie about the origin, and thus the treatment of the disease.

The knowledge of true spirituality, who we are, and we know all the lies related to religion in today’s society, from that moment, we will never live in fear of God, because we know that God is unconditional love and that we are one with him.

The knowledge that the truth is in us, the more we will never look outside themselves.

The knowledge that the knowledge of the truth, the more we will never be able to manipulate the “knowledge” because knowledge is not created, all the knowledge (truth) but postoji.Neprijatelj MI

The knowledge that we are part of the problem, we become part of the solution.

Knowing that in how we change ourselves, we change the world around them, the more we strive to change the world for themselves, because it is already the only thing we can change.

Knowing that of perfection we can create not only perfection, we will never meddle in perfection (nature).

The knowledge that the power manipulators lies in our hands, the manipulators lose.

The knowledge that we are not what we believe we are, with which we are identified, hinges illusions disappear and we become aware that we are one with everything.

“I think that that brave overcome their desires and fears, but those who overcome their enemies; because the hardest battle is over me alone. “

The greatest enemy of ourselves, we are, therefore, faced with yourself!

“You have to master yourself before you are able to go beyond himself, to confront their fears (demons), as the one who overcomes the other, is strong, who overcomes himself, is powerful.”
Mesa Selimovic