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Agoraphobia – Fear of open spaces

Most people have heard of claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), but a lot of people are not familiar with agoraphobia, which is a more serious problem. Agoraphobia is a word of Greek origin and literally means fear of large squares, markets and the like. In fact it is a fear of open spaces of the individual, or the fear of leaving the house, either alone or in the company of other people.

People who exhibit symptoms of agoraphobia rarely have the courage to talk about it with others. They will do anything to find excuses not to go out, do not go to visit friends, to the shops and the like. Many people do not even know they are agoraphobic, I do not know that there is a name for their condition.

Why do so many people suffer from agoraphobia? This is because the first start to get anxious, and as a result of long-term tensions, long-term emotional and physical exhaustion, panic attacks, they are trying to avoid any possible danger or situation that may put the embarrassing situation. Therefore, these people think that they were at home the safest, but that is out of the house is a potential danger, and therefore more and more choose to stay where they are safest, therefore, in their home. In a way, they retreat to where they were the safest.

These people are usually afraid of the public to make a fool of yourself, you will immediately crash, fear severe heart disease, insanity and the like …. It is not rare that people are afraid to come out into the street because they are almost certain to be to immediately bring down right off the street.

It is very important that people with agoraphobia first learn what is the true nature of agoraphobia, they were actually false beliefs and then learn and practice overcoming agoraphobia.


Anniversary Cazin uprising: The only organized uproar of the people against the authorities in Tito’s Yugoslavia

On 6 May 1950 the Cazin Krajina, in 20-odd villages and hamlets of Cazin and Kladuša district and neighboring villages across the river Korana in Kordun, there was only one, in the history of recorded, organized an armed rebellion against the peoples of the government in the former Yugoslavia.


The rebels have attacked several agricultural cooperatives and disarmed a police station, and other major adverse consequences for the country was not. But the government is led by the Communist Party of Yugoslavia authorities and the Directorate of State Security (aka. UDBE) characterized the rebellion of the nation as a counterrevolutionary act of large-scale and encouraged from abroad, domestic action greenberetks, Ustashe and Chetniks. However, such accusations were quite unfounded and never proven, especially since we were the leaders of the Buna campaigners and prominent partisans: Milan and Christmas Ale Covic, who stood by it and most famous people among the peasants and people who they believed.

In the “uprising” was attended by about 1,000 people. From that very small number of Orthodox, and the vast majority of the rest were Muslims.

The rebellion by the superior forces of the JNA soon stifled, and the “people’s government” vehemently charged with the rebels. At least some 15 people were killed without trial on the doorstep or in the nearby forests, and some of them have still not known grave. About 20 rebels were sentenced to death. He was later pardoned them something, and six of them were shot. Dozens of them were sentenced to long prison sentences, even more to the sentence “community service”, a period of several months up to 2 or more years.

Collective punishment eviction

What is particularly interesting is the fact that about 115 families with about 777 members, condemned the “collective punishment” – the eviction, which is an unprecedented case of such sanctions for the whole period of communist rule throughout Yugoslavia.

Although for that there was no statutory and legal basis, nor is the existing legislation Federal Republic of Yugoslavia did some regulation would provide for criminal punishment “collective relocation” of entire families, after a trial of these 115 families, mostly Muslims with a total of 777 members (including women, children and the elderly) collectively were evicted from the area of Cazin and Kladusa municipality (where he lived for over 90% Muslim population) to the municipality significant name – Srbac (where he lived for over 90% of the Orthodox Serbian population).

This measure of collective eviction, where the minor children were punished for “sins” of their fathers was otherwise only comparable with similar “criminal actions” of Stalin in the USSR directed against entire nations, such as Chechens, Crimean Tatars and others., which are collectively expelled from their homes and relocated to other locations, and some on that occasion and completely disappeared.

Cazin rebellion strongly marked the lives of many local families, ordered uncertain and difficult economic development of this region and caused a series of problems that have many families and their descendants had to carry through life.

Buna was taboo until 1991, when it saw the light of day book “Cazin rebellion in 1950” by Vera Kržišnik Bukić, which is elaborated in detail in this event. This book, promoted just 16 years after its release, had its second edition of “Cazinska own well from truth to justice” and in the opinion of experts, Vera Kržišnik-Bukić compiled a concise scientific work in which are gathered all the facts related to this event.

“It was a social revolt to existential extremes exploited peasants who rose up against the hated and unjust totalitarian agricultural policy of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and its even more rigid implementation on the ground. It was a time in intolerant burden that is already poor farmers imposed by the state in the form of disproportionate big benefits of agricultural and livestock products through mandatory redemption at the same time forcing them to work for the planned needs in the mines, construction of roads and other through the so-called. the mobilization of the workforce when and how this country should have. Then, especially from 1949 onwards, forcing farmers to are included in the peasant producer cooperatives, which are accounted for them grab their own property, and with all that 1950 was also the year of the big barn and is still popularly known as the “hungry years”, she said in a short interview for Klix.ba Kržišnik-Bukić.

Today and in the Krajina rebels openly story, but it still hides many undiscovered things and specificity, given the consequences and suffering caused by this event, which dates back to the present generation Krajisnik.

The Municipal Council of Cazin in 2011 passed a resolution condemning the massive violations of human rights of the civilian population in the Cazin Krajina in 1950 and crimes committed by the totalitarian regime of the former Yugoslavia. Resolution 2013 was confirmed by the Assembly of USC, and the same was provided and more instances of the state.

Why do people take drugs?

Conclusion After all logical teachings “logical”, but logic is learning to properly and fully adopted conclusions may be wrong by their content.

Why do people take drugs?

My grandmother says that only crazy people do drugs. Bosnian Criminal Code says that crazy people can not be punished. My heart says that all should try.

The conclusion?

Conclusion After all logical teachings “logical”, but logic is learning to properly and fully adopted conclusions may be wrong by their content.

Why do people take drugs?

Today, when we are faced with a huge increase in human standards, the quality of life on which our ancestors could not even dream of, when we have a satellite connection, Internet, Champions League, Nintendo and who knows what else. When we are able to fly to the moon and explore the far reaches of space, when the current civilization is going to something that they themselves can not guess, because everything is changing rapidly nowadays, we are facing new problems. Everything that has brought progress filled our pockets, but he emptied our souls. How can one measure the satisfaction of our television viewing, watching our fathers from the only TV in the city, three o’clock in the morning in anticipation of the transfer of the fight for the title of world champion in boxing. We are now all acceptable (due to various influences).

What we can move?

The new car, satellite dish, a new game for the PC, I doubt it. Everything is available to us that we fool ourselves, so that we are sitting in the misery of your own home and watching soap operas on the life of a fictional heroine from Mexico, or chat with some from Australia, fooled ourselves how we are miserable in their loneliness and alienation own way of life. That Marxism is abandoned, its theorists today crowed watching us chase and run to earn as much as possible, just to be able to buy a new car because the old one did not have ABS and airbag on the passenger seat. Consumer society and alienation. It sounds somehow familiar. Having lived in the building of ten floors and we do not know those who live around us. We meet people on the elevator and we wonder who you are now, these? This way of life brings us to a new instance.

What do I do when I’m nothing more meets, when we nothing more interesting when we need new excitement?

It does not matter whether it is marked as unacceptable, prohibited, dangerous. I need a new pleasures that would really excite me, that would be a bit of a rebel against society, which of us creates stereotypes, leading a psychological war with ourselves is whether better Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Oh, who cares, I want to escape, where will all leave me alone, and boring parents, and stupid and disgusting class teacher who witnessed the exemplary conduct. And what am I doing? I’m picking up are those who are like me. What are the outlaws of this behavior. What are his. Which no one can do nothing. We have our own world. It ruled any other rules, which are closer to me and not dull me. I am free to do what I want. At that point come the wizards very similar to those we toupee that Coca-Cola is better than Pepsi and offered us a free ticket to endless expanses where there is no discipline, nor shackles and that is not so expensive. It is illegal? So what, so the larger fora. Maybe they are just that criminalize possession of drugs, conspirators against all of us who want to be free again as we freely roamed the vast plains and killed mammoths how many of us would want. And now a treat for those who need the protection of human rights at all costs in the first place. Does each of us the right to meet their needs for pleasure, the way he himself chooses, no matter how it was anti-social, unacceptable, high-risk, sick and socially unacceptable?

Have we moved away from the freedom of vast plains or only meat we hunt other with spears and not eat it burnt in the fire already baked in the microwave?

Yes, such a life would be beautiful, freedom and all that.

But who would protect myself from others, but in the end, and from myself?

What is it acceptable that the children of 14-15 years swallow pills and marijuana. What is it with those who do not use drugs, whether they are acceptable or not? It is clear that our society today is in a delicate position of the company which offers its members more ways to live their lives, hoping that one day they wear expensive suits and drive furious cars, toss the dollars and do nothing, living in their world without the shackles and criminal law norms, but it will not happen. It will not happen because such a thing does not exist, as wizards that allows us to sell a skilled marketing experts who are well-educated psychology of the human mind and are doing it just to get us to sell to us with a need to create something that we do not really needs. In order to fool ourselves that our real problem is not that we do drugs, we have with ourselves and do not listen to those who know, what nights staring at screens and fake world that does not exist, but are actually criminal norms that were invented those who will not let us be who we are. Why do addicts telling tales? It probably every economics student learns at the first hour. The law of supply and demand. In order to sell us something we need to want this one way or another to buy. Why are rave parties so long and exhausting? Why is the music so loud in discotheques? Why turn something that inevitably leads to the destruction of themselves us as a person, as a miracle of nature, but only in order to escape from the world around us? To admit that it has a huge number of things that are terrible, but there are a myriad of things because that is true, deep breath and use your brain given to us to see and feel all this beauty. Escape to the drug, the escape into fiction that does not exist. On the other hand what about those who do not use drugs? Are they stupid that they do not run away from this disgusting world around us so that we all live in a world of fiction?
But who would have then made those chocolate with purple cows on the sleeves? And I love them both.

Is happiness a curse?

So, instead of having people be enough just to be alive (and this in a world where life is very fragile phenomenon), it turned out that though all expect something more than just survive..right?
We want security, a house, a car, we want music, a variety of clothing, the more I travel, meet all kinds peoples..As I though this were not enough, we want to be popular and others, let us welcome and happy people are expecting, we want recognition .. and, as if that was not enough..we want everything that we see around us, but also what our fantasy.
Why are so immodest? Or maybe we just – normal?
You may strive to be better and more meaningful sense?
Some will say that this is conducive to progress, still..we all know how comparing, competing with others, can be frustrating.
And yet, all this we continue to work. Compare with others and bounds, evaluate, rank and accordingly, as a rule, fall into despair as we have not achieved yet and yet..and more ..
And why are we doing?
Do, when we see the sick and the dead is not enough to feel lucky ones that still breathe, watching the sun, love, laugh?
Not ..
Reverse turn around, not enough
Is it a curse? Guilt?
Or are we just as a kid, taught to learn by watching others, to copy on a “monkey love monkey see”?
And if compare with others, when multiplied by the competition, resulting in a one unnecessarily inflated Ego..born still at an early, infantile stage?
Does growing up mean giving up the competition, comparison, accepting ourselves as we are and, therefore, the termination of frustration that all of this comparison brings?

Where are we going?

So after all these events, a lot of reading newspapers, portals, etc., I figure it out that people stop thinking with their own head. Of course there is a couple of exceptions, and such an exception somehow buy mass around them, teach them the way of life, way of thinking, and his brain intact leaves in “offline mode”, because it does not need. Of course, all of us become so accessible that we forgot that we lead normal conversation,  we fight before the meet, and all the more reason they themselves do not know. All the more I seem to have forgotten to spread positive emotions, to breathe life into the other, we look forward to the little things, but no, the man above is listed as an exception, told us that we should not read, to educate, to make life interesting yourself and other attractive. The media pack information and we believe everything we see, everything we hear, because we have become mere observers of life though, gray mass of waiting for the drive to put on “ON”, but some, like the beautiful, paralysis of the mind, not away from computing 5 + 5, and in some moments is full. We talk because we have to breathe because of the need, because we need to eat, or where the brain is, what its purpose if you do not use, we reduced things to the form and life to the game, and while listening to Phil Collins – Another day in paradise, I ask myself , where are we going?