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At the edge of science – DEVELOPMENT OF LIFE

One hundred and fifty years have passed since the ideas that changed the world. After ‘The Origin of Species’, nothing in human civilization was not the same.

No, but with the advent of Mendel genetics and Darwin’s theory has received a serious blow, but is saved when a genetics integrated into the theory of evolution and created a synthetic theory of evolution, which is now the ruling theory in biology. But not the only one. In addition to the already known creationism and intelligent design, there are many other evolutionary alternatives, and the alternatives that are totally unconventional, ranging from devolution, morphogenetic fields or ideas about gays, but some like extraterrestrial hypothesis or a new biology Bruce Lipton.

As much as some of them sounded unusual, behind each are many famous and renowned scientists who offer range of thinking on the issue of the development of life on Earth.

Life as playground

While some are bathed in champagne, and eat shrimp, others flee murderers to save their  life. As a kid, I had this a strange faith in people that life is on large playground, where everyone has their own grass , where everyone has a shovel and can be played in the sand, that we have our own marbles to the smallest problem will be if our ball will break or not.

As I grew, slowly, I still believed that I was actually me who administers my imagination and that we all want to play on that field, and be happy forever. But my perception of this field began to change when I went to the neighbor’s field, took a sweet pear, just as I took a bite, I felt a blow on the head, that I immediately started crying. I turned and in his eyes I saw anger, fear, sadness, all at once, I ran away from there, head regardless. After the incident suddenly I grew up, I found myself in an environment where people of my court no longer existed, I was on the other courts, other rocking, playing with other marbles, getting into fights with other people working spatula and place in the sand.

Now that I’m 23 I live in the world where people do not care about the lives of others, and see their unrivaled live in the illusion that no one should be happy except them. And so every day when I watch TV to see each other only kill so doing religious beliefs, for the money, for the sake of greed, lust, just because they were on their playground. I ask myself, how far we are willing to go to watch the people around us as if there are, what these wars, without nothing. Who sends the message newborn Syrian boy, what he what harm done, how long do you need to realize that we have lost everything we had, that time wounds heal and time does not erase the tears. And so one night we had to eat, a warm pillow, blanket, ask yourself how long you’ll have your shovel, marbles and playground.


I hate people.
Or perhaps love?
Imagine this: you are a child, you read a lot of stories and fairy tales and it seems to you that the world is waiting for a truly memorable.
Then you grow, you learn, one knows that the world is not a pretty tale and that these badly screwed.
Compare these two worlds and not ever capable of only one, because somewhere you know that people can be much better.
But they did not, and it pisses you off, limits, pain, because really want to love. All people. I called them and they to you, as in a fairy tale (or at least in their happy endings)
The planet has enough aces in the hole that we are all fucking to her whim. Nature itself is sufficiently complicated for us, the people.
What would be a good idea that all people are good.

Do not.
I hate them that are not.
And I’d like them, only that they are. This big was missing.
And who knows how many of them who hate because they do not like and could – but do not give them a second.
Where is the start..In fairy tales?
Maybe they are a crime?
Perhaps in their conspiracy. Seeds of hope are guaranteed to grow in a big disappointment.
Maybe someone intentionally, accidentally, without brain..from knee to knee, transferred to seed false hope?
Perhaps it is better that children do not read anything before bedtime?
Perhaps it is better to immediately provide Xanax.
Xanax is less venom than a fairy tale.