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What did they tell you?

If you were born in a village in Mongolia, you would watch the cattle on the mountain Tavan Bogd and happiness to you would be that you all bovine animals on the issue, that warming his bare feet in their dung, believed to the Buddha and holidays, would cheer for your favorite wrestler , the strongest in the village ..
If you were born on the island of Jolo in the Philippines, from an early age to eat fish and hunted pearls, your dreams were blue, strong lungs, your joy would be people with white hats that will give you a handful of bills for a handful of pearls and days where the sun light refracted on the surface of the water, while with his friends playing hide and seek in your single toy – a sunken wreck from World war II.
If you were a football player local club from Renton, Scotland, your happiness would be to give a goal. For your buddy goalkeeper to miss. For both of them, happiness would be that you go the club from Somerset Parka..a later when maybe..who knows and boys from Bradford City. On weekends, you should drink per liter Kentish ale-I, someone would have spent the night with the girl with a cigarette and talked about the great plans that will pluck out your nowhere.
If you were a student of ballet in Paris, lived it for this that you enroll in the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris …
But you were born in Bosnia, only one of the points on this planet, which many – who live on the other counts, they have never heard.
You were born in Bosnia, there is no better nor worse than many places were people live.
A strange game of chemistry and compatibility, you could have been born as a mole; and the happiness is when you find the large worms underground.
Or as the blue whale. Wander the South Seas and all day swallow huge amounts of water, would not he be lucky if only for the swallow and about 40 million shrimp.
Or as a pet? cat ..pigeon? To the whole world watching through the bars, detained in a comfortable fleeting madness, pervaded by continuous cycle devouring and shit.
But..born you as a man, in Bosnia.
They told you it was heavenly. As well as that of Moroccans said the Sahara mother ..Or that Hawaiians are told that people are children of dolphins ..
They told you that it’s better when you do not think its own head..Like  a shepherd from Mount Tavan Bogd knows that the Buddha the best of the best.
They told you that there is no more beautiful woman than Bosnian..Nigerian also think about their ..
What did they tell you? Do you know who you are at all ..