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Time does not exist


When we ask ourselves why we think that time exists, most would say, because we see that everything is always changing. This is the case: all in and around us is constantly changing, from beginning to end.
However, the question is whether the reason for this constant change can be found outside the subject changes (caused by the phenomenon called time) or all changes come from within the entity itself?

I think it is not difficult to see the validity of the latter claim. What makes things to change (life cycle) in flower, a human being or an animal is determined by the characteristics of this particular life form, and not by any external cause, such as the weather. What we call “time” is the only method for measuring the “lasting change”.
Because of our need to gauge the constant changes, we decided to divide the “cyclical changes”, such as the seasons and day and night, in months, twenty-four hours, minutes and so on. These known changes are caused by constant movement from the planetary positions within our the solar system, and not because there is something like “time”.
Therefore, no minutes, but we decided that after counting 60 (seconds), we can say that the last minutes. Based on the minutes I count the hours, days, months, years, centuries, and the like.
In this way, we can count the number of heartbeats per minute, years from birth to death, we can even calculate the number of years from the Big Bang to the present day.
But we also say, “It seems as if time has stood still (in the old village), nothing has changed.”
In fact there is only NOW – in which everything is manifested appears, changes and disappears.
As we ourselves are part of this process of change, can be difficult to understand that and we are changing in the eternal now. If we can look at ourselves beyond our train in motion (witnessing how our life goes), we’ll probably be able to see that it is still far and to go through it forever, motionless, NOW.

As we know, Albert Einstein became famous for his theory of relativity. In our context, it is interesting to realize that Einstein studied the method of calculating time.
He revealed: a moment in time from my position is not necessarily the same from your position.
I do not know if Einstein ever said that time does not exist. As for me, it’s better that it is said!
Perhaps wisely and well for a better understanding give some examples of measurement methods that we use every day, which is also based on non-existing principles.
Distance: centimeter, meter, kilometer, etc., do not exist, but we agreed that a gap to bridge and called the meter.
Weight: grams, ounces, kilograms, tons, etc., do not exist, but again, we are agreed that we call the weight of one kilogram.
These calculation methods are, of course, the most useful and necessary in our daily life.
How do we know that time does not exist, we do not feel the need to focus on now where our life takes place. However, it would be much better to our ancestors (and we) have in the past. Continue reading to see why …

Eternal now

Unlimited space of the universe extends to “the place where we live.” Even so: who, when and where we are, we appeared and we will disappear in the constant reality of space, the emptiness in which all changes occur.
Greek thinkers of the past were called this gap, “will be” or “Absolute”, as it relates to what can be NO, which is absolute.
What more can be said about the absolute: unchanging is (or all that it appears constantly changing), omnipresent (there is no place where it does not) and timeless (no beginning, no change, no end).
Throughout history there have always been those who have managed to see through the reality of everyday life and who have found the absolute reality of the eternal now (they have discovered what was previously obscured).

Surprisingly, it turned out that this discovery is the absolute crucial for those who have had such an experience. Intensive awareness of the eternal now can be seen as an existential experience. A person understand: my existence is essentially connected with the eternal now, timeless.
In our culture, and “time” transcendent experiences like these are very rare and causing distrust among philosophers and psychologists, but in past times such experiences are considered mystical or religious. This is so for thousands of years, in different cultures and periods.
It is worth noting that the people who live from the awareness of the absolute always on pictures displayed with a circle (halo) around their heads. The circle has no beginning and no end, and thus symbolizes the timeless, eternal now.
It is clear that the artists in the past, in different cultures and different times, have never managed to communicate to show “absolute connoisseurs”.
It is amazing that “those who live out of timelessness” always shown the same type of symbolism. See saints and sages from Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism.
Tim mention of the major world religions (Islam in imaging holy men are not allowed), the meaning of life from the eternal (timeless) gets an extra dimension. Not only is “someone occasionally saw through the illusion of time,” but it looks as if the understanding of the realities of eternity so impressive that it might be the beginning of the religious thought of mankind.

Significance of the Absolute within religion

Before I said “intense awareness of the eternal now can be seen as an existential experience. A person understand: my existence is essentially connected with the eternal now, timeless. “
In earlier cultures have been thoroughly investigated this mystical experiences and their possible meaning. As a result, all the great culture concluded (although it is in their own way express): live from the consciousness of timeless, absolute, gives people an insight into the meaning of life and gives them a real chance ( “liberation”).
How is this conclusion can be found in each of the major world religions (except Islam in this context) will be shown in the following examples:
Hinduism: Bit oldest of the great world religions can be found in the Upanishads (written between 800 and 300 BC). These papers contain the core of the ancient, from generation to generation orally transmitted, spiritual traditions.
Themes are always boil down to: It (timeless, absolute) is what you are in your innermost being (mantra Tat tvam asi). Or: the absolute and visible world are connected (Sat, absolute and You, all that is, linked to, Yam. It has become a mantra Satyam).
Also: the real happiness for a human being can not be found in the interim (variable) things, but only in a fixed, timeless absolute. Therefore, people advised to master their need for temporary pleasures, in the name of liberating insight into the reality of the relationship with the eternal now, absolute.
The original Hindu scriptures written in Sanskrit language. That language, mystical visions of people from very early periods presented us with a timeless relevance.
Buddhism: like all great cultures, Hinduism has also gone through a period of relapse after a period of strength. When realization of the mystical reality of existence threatens to be replaced by a belief in the transcendent power (God), get the deep meaning to reality (absolute) based spirituality and there is confusion.
This was the reason the appearance of Buddhism. Before about 2500 years Prince Gautama realized the unity of the essence of a man with a timeless, absolute, and became the Buddha (enlightened).
To avoid confusion, the confusion mentioned in Hindu culture, he was not talking about the highest state of spiritual realization. On this condition only as “Nirvana”. This word literally means “extinction, fire”. This refers to the bistro (motionless) state of self-awareness that remains when the restless thinking (ego) is off (meaning, resting).
This is the life of a variable (time) evolved into the life of a fixed (timelessness).
Christianity: As Hinduism (and Buddhism) have their roots in the distant past, Christianity is rooted in ancient Jewish culture. And the people were (are) aware of the “bonds” between God and man (that this relationship applies off the Jews must have been a “misunderstanding”).
The culture in which Jesus appeared was spiritually at a much lower level than the Hindu culture of the time, where the unity of the human soul and the absolute was (is) the main question of the scriptures.
Obviously, Jesus was well aware of this unity, which is evident from his words. However, he had to speak in parables because people in his day were not yet ready to understand the profound metaphysical teachings. Speaking in parables, saying he hoped it would lead people to self-knowledge and ultimately to liberating insight into man’s relationship with the Absolute, which is called the father or God.
The most famous sayings, “Son of God” as: “I and my Father are one” and “Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” These are very strong terms his vision of unity of man and timeless, absolute.

It does not mean that only the ancient Hindu sages, Buddha and Jesus discerned the “secret of life”. They fueled the flames of insight and many have dedicated their lives to him, no doubt with all the spiritual path respective experiences difficulties and fulfillment.
It is also likely that the lack of time is not exclusively taught in the spiritual education of people in the past. But we can be sure that the “saints” in the religious cultures see through the illusion of time (remember the symbol of timelessness, a halo).
All religions have developed their own core values and formed their own traditions. However, it is very disappointing to see that religion in general have failed to achieve a common goal: to lead people to the liberating insight into their relationship with what they created: the timeless absolute (God). Had it been otherwise, the world would be a completely different situation.
What went wrong and what are the consequences?
The disaster is not knowing timeless, Absolute

Transmission of spiritual knowledge goes in the wrong direction when “a student wants to be a teacher.”
In ancient India, the sages have tried to prevent the “spiritual pollution” by sharing their knowledge only to initiates. In our Christian tradition, something very surprising ( “catastrophic”) occurred around the year 300. The Christian way of life has become “institutionalized”. This means that people no longer need to try to understand and follow Jesus in his own way, has already established a church organization, which still controls the Christian doctrine.
This means that the interpretation of Jesus’ message is left in the hands of people (always men) who are Christians have to accept it better than they do understand what Jesus wanted to understand and that they (the church) scrupulously prescribe what you should believe, and what not.
Urges people to deepen or renewal of official Christian doctrine were not (are not) respected and hundreds of years people have even ended up at the stake when they depart from the official doctrine (remember the example of Qatar, which are stamped out to the last man).
In this way, the teaching of Jesus is turned into belief and encouragement for people to achieve their own wisdom was extinguished. Worse: “belief” is, in fact, has become another word for “hope” …
Thus Christianity gives hope in exchange for loyalty to science.
What is that? A crime against humanity or a blessing for humanity?
The consequences of omitting incentives for people to understand the timeless themselves inconceivable important. Where religion should not touch a man in the depths of his being (in the euphoria of experiencing unity with brilliant and inexhaustible source of life) remains only a superficial understanding of deep learning.
Not only it can lead to suspicion and rejection, but also our deep hidden ethical consciousness, conscience (who wants to work and coordinate with timeless that has become me) were not sufficiently addressed.
Thus, instead of superficiality spirituality became the basis of our Christian society.
Accidents that this sloppiness brought humanity is easy to determine. To name just a few: from the Crusades, religious persecution, slavery, imperialism and world wars (including the Holocaust), we come to the scourge of our time, such as unbridled capitalism ( “culture of greed”) and the exploitation of our beautiful Earth (resulting in climate change and shortages energy).
On the individual level, the lack of depth of our Christian culture leads to selfishness (lack of empathy for our neighbors), stress (focus on the result rather than the validity of the action), the blurring of moral values (all should be possible) and confusion ( “What’s the point of my life? “).
As Western civilization based on Christianity was dominant for centuries in many parts of the world (with inappropriate arrogance against Eastern misunderstood depth), spiritual superficiality is widely disseminated.
Today it seems that, since Christianity is running, moving away from our source (initiated by eliminating the search for the transcendental, eternal now) can no longer be reversed. Moreover, in recent years, the continuous development of communication technology added a new dimension. Uncritically we brought the younger generation to believe that they need to be “connected anytime, anywhere with anyone.” It is clear that it is the special commercial motives. There is no doubt that the strategy of “consumer control” to set (via Google -googles, cell phones and chips), creating a kind of robotic human beings. Without free will, and with a small tablet with every sign of unpleasant behavior.

How do you run on?

Lack of knowledge of transcendental reality (which has become timeless to me and the whole world) people do not feel as such. We do our “feelings of uneasiness” attributed to different visible reasons, such as our work, our relationships, society, etc. If you stay like this, our fate will be left in the hands of the dominant power in the world (politics, economy). Will it improve our situation? If in doubt, consider the following:
Would not it be great if the whole world realized that what we call “time” is actually our own process of change? Huge cosmic process that happens in the eternal now!
Should not we woke up and it seemed that all together and realize that, inspired by the eternal now, take the next step in our spiritual development?
That would really make a difference. People would have tried to adapt to life just as it should be, what it means to take responsibility for the Earth and its inhabitants.
Insight into the illusion of time focused on us NOW. Time we stand at the door of the mystical knowledge of our origins and destiny. Remember what Jesus said? “Knock and it will be you open”.
In order to elaborate a little?
If you really understand that time does not exist and that your life is in the eternal now, then focus on it forever now every day and try to hold on for some time ( “knock”). One day the door will open and you will see: “T0 is the same on both sides. God is immanent as well as transcendent …
Wide implementation of timeless (absolute, reality) could be the axis that runs global spiritual awakening. This will bring out the best in people and give much needed “wisdom” an opportunity to change the world.
So, my advice: do not throw away your watch, or try to live out the eternal NOW …


No Time To Pray

So many times
I hear people say
“We are so busy,
And have no time to pray.”

Yet there we are sitting
In front of the screen,
Texting or playing,
– You know what I mean.

Why is it so hard
To set aside time,
To find solitude
And pray for a sign?

Why do we struggle
With boredom each day?
Yet, not bother taking
Ten minutes to pray?

So many hours
Are wasted each week,
When we could be praying
For the answers we seek.

So let’s make a plan
At the start of each day,
To make time for God
And in that time -Pray.

BY: Angela Harvey Pitcher

Awareness and touch with reality

If you want to wake up, it is very important that you enter into what I call “self-perception.” Be aware of what you say, be aware of what you do, be aware of what you think, be aware of how you react. Be aware of where departure, what are your motives. It is not worth living if you’re not aware that you are living.

If you are not aware that you live, you live automatically, but it is not human life, it is programmed, conditioned life. It’s like you’re a rock or log. The country from which I come, hundreds of thousands of people live in small huts, in extreme poverty. These people are barely surviving, every day doing hard physical labor, the morning slightly eat, work until dark, and then starting from the beginning. Sit down and think: “What is this life? Is this all that life has to offer us? “And then you suddenly shook the conclusion that 99.999% of the people here do not live better. You can go to the movies, drive around in a car, you can go on a cruise. Do you live better than them? You also dead as they, as you both mechanically as well as those machines you like them, just as you are a bit higher. Sadly it. It is sad to see that people are so vivid.
People go through life with fixed ideas; never change. They’re just not aware of what was going on. They could also be a wooden block, or stones, machines that speak, walk and think. It is not human. They look like dolls all kinds of things dragged around. Press the button and you will get a response. You can almost predict how will this person react. If you examine a person, I can say how they will react. Sometimes, when I’m taking a therapeutic group, write on the slip of paper that so and so to start a meeting, and so and so will not answer that. You think that’s bad? Well then do not listen to people who tell you: “Forget about yourself, love others!” Do not listen to them! All are wrong. The worst thing you can do is to forget about yourself when you go to other so-called helping attitude.
It makes you aware you can control, that which you are not aware of the controls you. You are always the edge of which you are aware. When you become aware of it, will be free of it. There is, but no longer affects you. You are no longer under the control of these things, nor are her slave. That’s the difference.
Awareness, awareness, awareness, awareness, awareness.
What I recommend here is not concentration. It does not matter. Many meditative techniques emphasize concentration, but I’m suspicious of it. These techniques include violence and often involve further programming and conditioning. What I would recommend is awareness, which is not the same as concentration. The concentration of the lamp, reflector. You’re open to everything that falls within the scope of your consciousness. When this can be disturbed, but when you apply awareness, never distracted. When awareness is turned on, there is never any distractions because you are always aware of what is happening.
Let’s say you watch those trees and I’m worried. Am I disturbed? I’ll be distracted only by trying to focus on the trees. But if I am also aware of your concerns, then I do not at all interfere. Just be aware of what is directed your attention. If something wrong or erratic, you will be immediately ready. Something is wrong! You’ll be prepared the same moment any negative feeling seep into your consciousness.

Observe all inside and around you, and when you do something is happening, look at it as if it is happening to someone else, without comment, without trial, without attitude, without interference, do not try to change it, just try to understand. As you do, you will begin to realize that the less you identify with “belonging”.

This is self-denial, self-denial, dying himself.

Some say that in this world there are only two things: God and fear; Love and fear are the only two things. There is only one evil world: fear. There is only one good in the world: love. He used to call it differently: happiness, freedom, peace, joy, God, whatever. However, etiquette is really not important. And there is no evil in the world that can not be linked with fear. Neither.
Ignorance and fear, ignorance of fear, hence comes evil, hence comes your violence. One who is truly nonviolent, who is incapable of violence, that is fearless. Only when you are afraid of becoming angry. Remember the last time you were angry. Come on! Remember the last time you were angry, and afraid to see who was behind it. What you are afraid of losing? What you are afraid that you will take away? Hence the fear. Remember some angry person, maybe someone is afraid. Can you see how this man or this woman frightened (a)? Really frightened (a), really. It is really afraid (a) because otherwise would not be angry. After all, there are only two things: love and fear.
In this retreat, I would like to stay at this kind of exposure, without a steady schedule, moving from topic to topic, and coming back to them again and again because this is the way you will really be able to understand what I’m talking about. If light does not illuminate the first time, could light up the second time, and what is unclear for one person may become apparent for another. I have a different theme, but all describe the same thing. Call it awareness, love, spirituality, freedom, or awakening, anyway. This is essentially the same thing.

Go back to itself. Watch out. That’s why I said earlier and that the self-perception of a joyful and extraordinary thing. After a while you will not longer have to try, because when the illusions begin to crumble, you begin to get acquainted with the things that can not be described. We call it luck. Everything changes and awareness becomes your habit.
There’s a story about a student who came to the teacher and said, “Can you give me some wise advice? Can you tell me something that will guide me on my path of life? “It was a day of silence teacher, so he took a sheet of paper and wrote,” Awareness. “When he saw a student, said:” It’s too short. Can you elaborate? “The teacher took it back again and written a leaflet:” Awareness, awareness, awareness. “The student said,” Okay, but what does that mean? “The teacher again took the paper and written a” Awareness, awareness , awareness – awareness means. “
This is precisely the observation itself. No one can show you how to do it, because it would have given you a technique, programmed to you. But, watch out. When talking to someone, whether you realize it or with it simply identify yourself? When you are angry at someone, whether you were aware that you get angry or you can simply equated with their anger? Later, when you have time, have you looked at your experience and whether you are trying to understand? Where does the anger come from? What caused it? I do not know any other way to awareness. You can only change what you understand. What we do not understand and are not aware of it suppress, and themselves do not change. But when you realize this, it will change.
Sometimes I am asked: “Is this growth in awareness a gradual thing, or come as a bolt from the blue?” Some lucky ones to experience such flashing. Simply become aware. Still others grow in it, slowly, little by little, more and more. They begin to perceive things. Illusions disappear, fantasy lose and come into contact with reality. There’s no general rule. It is known that story about the lion who came upon a flock of sheep and to his surprise he saw a lion among sheep. It was a lion who was fed the sheep when he was little. He gaped like a sheep and run around like sheep. Leo’s go straight to him and when he stood before him, a lion-sheep began to tremble all. Leo said, “What are you doing among these sheep?” And the sheep-lion said, “I am a sheep.” And the lion said, “No, no, you’re not sheep. Follow me. “And so he took the sheep-lion with him to the lake and told him:” Look. “And when the sheep-lion looked at his reflection in the water strongly zaurlikao, and at that moment it was changed, and never more was not the same.
If you’re lucky, and if the gods favor you, or if you are blessed with the grace of God (to use the theological term that you want), you could suddenly understand who “I”, and will never be the same, ever. Nothing you will not be able to grieve, and no one will be able to hurt you.
No one and nothing is no longer afraid. Is not it something unique? You’ll live like a king, like a queen. It’s a real royal life, and it is not nonsense when you, for example, out pictures in the newspaper, or when you have a lot of money, it is the sheer rot. No one should fear because you are perfectly satisfied with what you are “nobody”. In general you do not care for success or failure. It means nothing to you. The honor, shame, do not mean anything to you! Also it does not matter if you make a fool of himself. Is not it wonderful to be in such a state! Some people reach this goal painstakingly, step by step, applying the consciousness of themselves for months and weeks. But I promise you this: I have not met a single person that has invested time in consciousness, and that she did not notice the difference in a few weeks. The quality of their life is changed so that you no longer have to believe, because then they see, they’re different, react differently. In fact, the less reactive but more active. You see things you’ve never seen before.
You have a lot more energy, more life. People think no desire look like stumps, dead. And in fact, there would have been more tense. Get rid of your fear of failure, its tension when you succeed, and you will be who you are, you will be relaxed. More is not to drive with your foot on the brake. Just make it happen.
Tranx, the great Chinese sage gave expression to a thought that I liked so much that I had learned by heart: “When shooters will shoot a bow without thinking about a particular prize, using all her skills; you shoot to win a bronze buckle, but was nervous; when you shoot for the gold medal, blind, sees two targets, and amazed her. His skill has not changed, but his award conferred attention. He cares about the prize! More thinking about winning, but about the shooting and the need to win deprive him of power. “Is not that a picture of most people? When you do not have to live for, you own all of your skills, you will find it all your energy, relax, do not worry, it does not matter whether you win or lose.
Here’s a real, human life for you. That is life. This is accomplished only consciousness, and the consciousness will realize that glory and honor mean nothing. It’s just a social convention, and nothing else. Therefore, mystics and prophets with it are not at all bothered. There is no honor nor shame they did not mean anything. They lived in a different world, in a world awakened. Neither success nor failure are not they meant nothing. They had this attitude: “I am a fool, and you’re a fool, and then what’s the problem?”
Someone once said: “The three most difficult things for a man not physical ability, not intellectual achievements, but, first, reciprocate love to hate; Other: accept discarded; and, thirdly, to admit you’re wrong. “But they are the easiest things if you do not align yourself with” belonging “. In this case, you can say things like: “I’m wrong. That you know better you would see that I often wrong. What else could you expect from a fool’s errand? “However, if we do not identify with those of its aspects, you can not hurt me. In the beginnings of the old conditionality will again push, and you will be depressed and anxious. You will grieve, to cry, and so on. “Before enlightenment, I was depressed; After enlightenment I’m still depressed. “But there is a difference: more with it not identified. Do you know how big a difference?
Step out of yourself and observe the dumps and do not identify with her. Do not do anything that she has passed; you are perfectly ready to continue with your life while depression does not pass through the village and until it disappears. If you do not know what that means, you have nothing to look forward to. And anxiety? When it comes, you’re not worried. How strange! Depressed you. Do not worry.
Is not that a paradox? Are you ready to accept that the cloud when it comes because as soon as you fight against him, giving him more power. Are you ready to watch him go. You can be happy in their trouble. Is not that crazy? You can be happy in your depression. However, you may not have the wrong notion of happiness. Did you think happiness is excitement or elation? This is what causes depression. Did not nobody tell me? Elated you, but only prepare the ground for the next depression. Elated you, but by the time you picked up the anxiety that comes along. You wonder: “What do you take it?” It’s not luck, it’s addictive.
I wonder how many non-addicts reading this book. The average group of people there are few, very few. Do not watch the high to alcoholics and drug addicts – you may have just as much addicted as they are. When my first time in front of the eyes of a real image of this new world, I was horrified. I understand what it means to be alone when you do not have nowhere to lay his head, when all the leaves you free, and when you are free, when for no one is nothing special, and when you love all people – because this is love, warm and good and bad, given that rain fall on saints and sinners.

Can rose to say: “I will give my fragrance to good people who smell me, but I will refrain from evil”? Or, can the lamp to say, “I’ll give her light the people in this room. But I will refrain from evil people “? Or can a tree say, “I’ll give my shade to good people who rest under my crown, but I will refrain from evil”? These metaphors describe what love is.
The whole time she was here, was under our noses in Scripture, though we never tried to see her because we were so immersed in what our culture calls love with its love songs and poems – that is not love, but her opposite. This is manipulation, fear and anxiety, not love. We were told that happiness is when you have a nice tan and a cottage. Happiness is not in these things, but to me the subtle ways we make our happiness dependent on things in and around us. We speak: “I refuse to be happy until you get rid of neurosis.” I have good news for you: You can be happy right now, with neurosis. Want to hear more good news? There is only one reason you do not feel what we in India call anand – happiness, bliss. There is only one reason you do not feel the bliss of this moment, and that is to think and focus on what you do have. Otherwise you would feel bliss. You’re focusing on what you do not. But now you have everything you need for happiness.
Jesus is the uneducated, the hungry and the poor preaching common sense. He preached to them the good news, and you can preach it, or whether anyone listen? No one does not care. People prefer to sleep.

Anthony De Mello


Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

Imagine you every morning when you wake up,someone  put on your bank account exactly 86,400 euros. What would you do?

The Bank has two rules:

The first rule is: Everything that you were not able to spend the day taking you to the evening! Do not cheat, nor transfer money to another account. You have the right to spend it exclusively during the same day, but do not forget that every morning when you open your eyes you open a new bank account of the new 86,400 euros for the day and so every day.
The second rule: the Bank may terminate this “game” without any warning! At any time can inform you that it’s all over and that the account is definitely closed.
There is no doubt that you will all obtained money to spend on entertainment and shopping for gifts yourself and those you love. You may donate and those who do not know, only that your bank does not take the money back. We will try to have every euro brings happiness and satisfaction.
So where has such a bank?
There miraculous Bank have all my disposal. It’s TIME!
Every morning when we wake up, our life Bank opens credit than 86,400 seconds of life for the day to sleep. All that we have not lived through that day – were lost. Yesterday is gone forever!
And each following morning the magic repeated. Therefore, let us not forget the inevitable rule that the bank can close our account every minute, without warning. At any time, our lives can fit!
What you are doing with your 86,400 seconds per day ?!