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The war between the species

Conflict species is the largest, highest and most devastating disaster the country has ever seen since the ice age. In addition, it is going to score. All this is man-made. No other species on earth does not believe the human race. This lack of trust between our species and other species is alarming and crippling our existence on earth. With our unfeeling life forms, we have created such a wide field of mistrust between them and other species on earth. Every person who walks the earth is responsible for conflict types. It is an inherited curse. This breach of trust began around the same time as the domestication and breeding of farm animals in a manner that is crossed ethical boundaries. Due to a lack of sensitivity, we went down vibration levels the surface. We are ruining the harmony between the vibrational levels of other species and humans. The same applies to the land and to the sea. We put your fingers all over. Separation Fund vibrational level that can be understood only by the senses beyond the usual five, is irreparable in the near future. You may need several lifetimes to achieve this, if at all possible. Another option is a reconstruction after demolition. This is the choice of soils, based on the condition in which it is located. The country uses natural disasters to return the balance and paved the way for the re-creation. You’re asked for it.

Moderate passivity is good, if passivity is based on awareness. The passivity of the consciousness can be called and patience.

Do not kid yourself. Not all people in the same vibrational level. There are high and low levels of activity among people. We can see the destruction that comes from it in the world. Political philosophy that led to the human massacres were a clear sign of diversity operational level. Every living creature that lives in the country has its own frequency. However, all species except for human use their innate skills and not external objects to be maneuvered on the ground. Only people want, manipulate, and ruthlessly destroy beings of other species. Since we do not “feel” enough, we fall out of greed for pleasures.

The man forever seeking happiness. A man searching for inner peace and tranquility. It is worth working on it. Many times, the burden of ancestors and the burden of social karma he disposed of the movement. He longs for perfection. But there’s a delay. Meanwhile, the mind chaos. Um compares, criticizes, condemns and alienates man from himself, relying on the failed concepts – often inherited, stored in the mind since time immemorial. On the way the evolution of man until they see the light of truth has a lot of obstacles. Many obstacles created man himself, and many gain in the world.

What creates can also to destroy

Whatever the conscious mind picks up, the subconscious mind will not necessarily be stored. But what is repeated, it is definitely stored in the form in which it was entered. Just like a computer. I type the message and, if not record, it will be lost from the computer’s memory. We are stored in your subconscious mind only what we consciously energized and emotionally accompanied. Also, what is stored can be again manifest over time, anytime. It can also become your destiny.
The world is fast turning. It is convenient time for man’s spiritual evolution. What this FACTORS prevent progress and not allow him to use this God-given opportunity?

Um – When I say mind, I’d like to include intellect and ego. It is a collective mind. The mind is a waste basket that contains everything a person gained for generations, and it memorized by emotions such as adhesives. Concepts, phobias, fears, worries, anger, hatred, jealousy, lust, love, kindness, mercy, and so on. All this mixed makes the mind that controls our lives. Never will not let him break free. At any time during the waking state, the mind produces a character trait that is stored in its warehouse, manifests, and so distorts our reality. We on this basis to judge, criticize, and condemn other people or situations. Usually, when we become negative, associated with such other people at the same vibrational level. When we experience positivity, then we are rather isolated. It also means to be objective all the time. Outside the influence of the mind is true spirituality. It leads to liberation. Nothing constructive can happen in a troubled mind. Nothing can be built on the scarred ground.
Type – I would call it a burden or a curse of our species. We bear the responsibility and burden of what we were born as a human species. Superior We have the intellect. We can manage their elections. We think and do. We can modify the materials and we can create new things. So, the better are the makers of any other species on earth. But where is the creation, there is also a responsibility. Destruction represents irresponsibility. Destruction of material and life are equally clear signs of misuse or abuse of power that we have in our hands. The man failed to act responsibly. His emotional nature and greed have destroyed its only habitat – the land. The most damaging of all is that which was lost trust between species. The man has become completely isolated. No other species does not trust the man. There is no trust between the animal and human kingdoms. Already there is a split in the country. It happened because we generations captured, tortured and killed other types of beings, as if they were war criminals. We have also cut off many species. I still do the same as I write this. Losing confidence that we come together with a permit or a choice that exist in the country, it has become a waste of mental balance of humanity. There is no peace. real peace is not possible because the atmosphere is filled with victims, torture and bloodshed.
When I see a shelf with the exposed meat at the market, I see only the pain without any choice, suffering and death of innocent creatures for man! I see a total helplessness. It hurts deep inside. The quest for and belief in non-violence plays deeper roots. I spread a message of kindness and mercy from the depths of the soul. Humanity’s goodness.

When the animals began to be used as feed, breed and kill for the sake of human caprice of taste, we have lost control of their own conscience. We lost control of himself. When you kill any creature, when we refuse the right to any beings that exist or share space with us, we do our offense compromising trust. Each entity has its own character, consciousness. Every human being is such, in addition to the other types. The same rights to the land. But today, no one species does not believe human beings. When they are grown, stored and kill, the trust created for us also kills. They feel that we are good when we feed them on time. One of us begin to love unconditionally. Then, when they realize that this love was selfish, just for the sake of their flesh, they release a lot of negative vibrations in the atmosphere. I feel cheated, betrayed and die of a broken heart. I will not repeat the terrible pain of other types of experience to our collective farms.

Since man restrains the movement of other creatures for his own benefit, and as insensitive istrjebljuje beings of other species because of its pleasures on a whim, we are already actively involved in the war types. We may have a false sense that we are the ones who are winning this war when wanton killing, but accidents are continuously recorded in the minds of these platforms from the country. The country could choose to completely destroy and erase from the face of the oppressor country. Every scream of pain remains as the vibration of the earth. Everything is recorded.

As above, so below, as within, so from the outside

Conflict destroys species vibrational country. Millions of animals and hectares of nature will be destroyed at any moment. It has alienated man, and will be validated and the human species. Unconscious eating patterns, unconscious patterns and habits unconsciously or emotionally life isolate the man from himself. So much of the industry tehnologijaveć destroyed in the inner and outer world. Early inner world is reflected in the outside world, and early in the outside world are reflected as a human disease.
Rat species is directly related to our current state of unrest, anarchy and lack of balance. It is growing. Natural disasters resulting from changes in the vibration level. Sacrifice species affects the masses. Unrest that exists in the air that makes the human race faces even more obstacles in their search for truth. One of the key reasons for our agony, grief and depression changes the vibration levels caused by the war types. This is a silent war. Many do not even realize that such a war exists at all. When we go to the grocery store and see or buy meat products packaged in attractive packaging, we find it difficult to recognize that consumers of these products in fact sponsored rat species. The higher the demand, the more accidents. All beings are killed for human benefit is not harmless. They had character, constitution and the will to live just like people. They had also the right to share the land with people. They feel the same as what people felt during the Holocaust or Pol Pot regime. The feeling is the same. The inevitable death! Helplessness! Accepted their fate! Tears! Pain! and helpless surrender! Every creature of every kind that die every day is like this feeling. Trust me.
If the country needs to be a better place for people and other species to live peacefully, then coexistence must become truth and reality, and should be based on respect. There is harmony among all other species except man. Deer understands and respects the hunger of a lion. And one of the clan can even sacrifice his life to save others and respected fund types. The lion does not kill for pleasure. Hence, there is a predictability that other types understands. While in the case of the human species, we kill, enslave, maim and torturing animals for their sadistic pleasures. Killing animals for “hunting” and controlling the protection of the human species by the advanced technology reduces animal populations, are signs of a lack of awareness. Nature has its own effective system of regulation. The lions and deer have different forms of reproduction, growth patterns and lifestyles, including appetite. The grass is growing faster and animals that survive in it, keep it trimmed. When the deer population grows, lions control them, and so on and so forth. When people reproduce, there is no sensitivity, take on the world of other species so that they previously destroyed. Thus, the lack of effort in terms of co-existence is separated mankind from all other species. A concrete jungle that we have created for their own sake us even alienated from their own species.


Infliction of pain and suffering beings of any kind, as well as hunting, can not be regarded as courage. This is sadism. And this must be disclosed in the strict laws.

Conflict type plays a big role in psychosomatic illnesses that we experience every day. The terrible torment and pain of humanity bear the burden of our crimes with other species. We need to be aware of. Rat species is the biggest disaster that humanity has freed the country advent of the technological age. Village which man reached all the external and worthless. He has not won anything inside and failed to recognize that the only thing in the world worth conquering, interior space. He did not waste time in order to build a field of inner peace, instead destroyed the forests, habitats million beings and made the golf course because of his hobby. Lack of awareness affects mankind and will continue to be affected.
We have to do everything in our power to restore the confidence between species. We need to reunite and connect. We need to restore peaceful coexistence based on respect and harmony.
Facility. That’s the key. Inner harmony. And to achieve internal harmony, all kinds should coexist. Nature should remain intact. Life needs to blossom naturally. Otherwise, expect the accident, inside and out. I do not want to sound ominous, but it’s true. It happens. Happen will be more next year. Inevitably there will be destruction. Be aware.

Anniversary Cazin uprising: The only organized uproar of the people against the authorities in Tito’s Yugoslavia

On 6 May 1950 the Cazin Krajina, in 20-odd villages and hamlets of Cazin and Kladuša district and neighboring villages across the river Korana in Kordun, there was only one, in the history of recorded, organized an armed rebellion against the peoples of the government in the former Yugoslavia.


The rebels have attacked several agricultural cooperatives and disarmed a police station, and other major adverse consequences for the country was not. But the government is led by the Communist Party of Yugoslavia authorities and the Directorate of State Security (aka. UDBE) characterized the rebellion of the nation as a counterrevolutionary act of large-scale and encouraged from abroad, domestic action greenberetks, Ustashe and Chetniks. However, such accusations were quite unfounded and never proven, especially since we were the leaders of the Buna campaigners and prominent partisans: Milan and Christmas Ale Covic, who stood by it and most famous people among the peasants and people who they believed.

In the “uprising” was attended by about 1,000 people. From that very small number of Orthodox, and the vast majority of the rest were Muslims.

The rebellion by the superior forces of the JNA soon stifled, and the “people’s government” vehemently charged with the rebels. At least some 15 people were killed without trial on the doorstep or in the nearby forests, and some of them have still not known grave. About 20 rebels were sentenced to death. He was later pardoned them something, and six of them were shot. Dozens of them were sentenced to long prison sentences, even more to the sentence “community service”, a period of several months up to 2 or more years.

Collective punishment eviction

What is particularly interesting is the fact that about 115 families with about 777 members, condemned the “collective punishment” – the eviction, which is an unprecedented case of such sanctions for the whole period of communist rule throughout Yugoslavia.

Although for that there was no statutory and legal basis, nor is the existing legislation Federal Republic of Yugoslavia did some regulation would provide for criminal punishment “collective relocation” of entire families, after a trial of these 115 families, mostly Muslims with a total of 777 members (including women, children and the elderly) collectively were evicted from the area of Cazin and Kladusa municipality (where he lived for over 90% Muslim population) to the municipality significant name – Srbac (where he lived for over 90% of the Orthodox Serbian population).

This measure of collective eviction, where the minor children were punished for “sins” of their fathers was otherwise only comparable with similar “criminal actions” of Stalin in the USSR directed against entire nations, such as Chechens, Crimean Tatars and others., which are collectively expelled from their homes and relocated to other locations, and some on that occasion and completely disappeared.

Cazin rebellion strongly marked the lives of many local families, ordered uncertain and difficult economic development of this region and caused a series of problems that have many families and their descendants had to carry through life.

Buna was taboo until 1991, when it saw the light of day book “Cazin rebellion in 1950” by Vera Kržišnik Bukić, which is elaborated in detail in this event. This book, promoted just 16 years after its release, had its second edition of “Cazinska own well from truth to justice” and in the opinion of experts, Vera Kržišnik-Bukić compiled a concise scientific work in which are gathered all the facts related to this event.

“It was a social revolt to existential extremes exploited peasants who rose up against the hated and unjust totalitarian agricultural policy of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and its even more rigid implementation on the ground. It was a time in intolerant burden that is already poor farmers imposed by the state in the form of disproportionate big benefits of agricultural and livestock products through mandatory redemption at the same time forcing them to work for the planned needs in the mines, construction of roads and other through the so-called. the mobilization of the workforce when and how this country should have. Then, especially from 1949 onwards, forcing farmers to are included in the peasant producer cooperatives, which are accounted for them grab their own property, and with all that 1950 was also the year of the big barn and is still popularly known as the “hungry years”, she said in a short interview for Klix.ba Kržišnik-Bukić.

Today and in the Krajina rebels openly story, but it still hides many undiscovered things and specificity, given the consequences and suffering caused by this event, which dates back to the present generation Krajisnik.

The Municipal Council of Cazin in 2011 passed a resolution condemning the massive violations of human rights of the civilian population in the Cazin Krajina in 1950 and crimes committed by the totalitarian regime of the former Yugoslavia. Resolution 2013 was confirmed by the Assembly of USC, and the same was provided and more instances of the state.

Prediction (planning) world wars – Albert Pike

The letter was allegedly in 1871 Albert Pike, the Supreme Commander of the Scottish Rite Masons in America, sent to Giuseppe Mazzini, the Illuminati ‘revolutionary’ in Italy. It is alleged that in the letter, Pike explained in detail the background of three world wars, the Illuminati plan to run in order to achieve their global dictatorship.

The first two occurred as predicted:

“The First World War must be achieved to enable the Illuminati to overthrow from power of the Russian emperors and thus make Russia fortress of atheistic Communism. Divergence and disagreement between the British and the German Empire, caused by agents of the Illuminati, will be taken as an incentive for the war. At the end of the war will be established communism to over it and destroy other governments and weaken the influence of religion. “

Those familiar with the history I can recognize that the political alliances of England on the one hand and Germany on the other hand (minted between 1871 and 1898. Of Otto von Bismarck, the-for believers Albert Pike), were instrumental in the establishment of the First World War …

“The Second World War should be boosted by taking advantage of differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war should be established in such a way that results in the destruction of Nazism and the strengthening of Zionism to the extent that allow for the establishment of the sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During World War II international Communism must become strong enough to be a counterweight to Christianity, which will be tamed and kept in the background until the moment when it will be needed for the final social cataclysm. “

After World War II, Communism was made strong enough to start taking less government. At the Potsdam Conference in 1945, Trumann, Churchill and Stalin are simply handed over much of Europe to Russia, while on the other side of the world the legacy of the war with Japan helped to penetrate the wave of communism in China.

“The war consists in the fact that people, even though they do not know each other, killing each other on command of people who are very familiar with, and mutually not kill.”

Declaration of Human Rights, which is presented in the French Revolution:

At the top of the Illuminati eye presented by Lucifer. Below snake run circle and biting its tail (Occult character of Lucifer and the Mayan god Queatzacoatl), further below, between half a sign of fascism (how will ProdIT laws. Right angel indicates who gave laws


And here’s what he said about the third world war:

“The Third World War must be boosted by taking advantage of differences, caused by the” Agentur “” Illuminati “between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic world. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Muslim Arab World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy. Meanwhile, other nations will, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion sic …… we nihilists and atheists; will provoke enormous social cataclysm which will in its horrors nations clearly show the effect of complete atheism, origin of savagery and bloody turmoil.

Then the worldwide citizens, forced to defend the revolutionary minority of the world, cut off and destroyers of civilization, and the crowd, frustrated by Christianity, whose deist spirit of that moment be without direction and purpose, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing what to direct their worship, will receive the true light through the universal revelation of pure doctrine of Lucifer, which will finally be brought before the public. This publication will be the result of the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, and, at the same time both defeated and eradicated. “Reads the letter.

What the letter says is what is planned – economic and social disaster in which people will be perpendicular to each other in their artificially induced despair and each will have to be buried in a mass struggle for the apparent survival. In the capital letter is older than September 11, 2001 Ask yourself, have we ever been closer to the third world war than at this very moment? Most people fall to the point at which I can not imagine how political power can survive for centuries, and the point size of the conspiracy on a global level.

The term ‘nihilism’, used in the Pike’s letter, this is defined in the dictionary:
* Rejecting all the difference in moral or religious value and a willingness to contest all previous theories of morality or religious beliefs.
* The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement.

No man’s land

For one, the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a “war for national state”, “the war of Yugoslav succession,” “War of the media,” “war for the defense of Serbs; the creation of the state, but also to preserve themselves, their families , homes and factories, “” civil-religious war “,” civil-ethnic-religious war “,” secessionist war “,” war to intimidate Muslims in European countries “,” the war for Serbian exit to the Adriatic “,” war the Serb view of the Bay and Karlobag, “” war to justify the existence of the Atlantic Pact, “” war whose flare encouraged Americans statements of its officials on non-interference and who have completed also the Americans their own, ie. the intervention of NATO, “and so on.
For others, however, for its ideological roots, it was “a war whose outbreak has largely contributed to the distorted ‘historical consciousness’ of all three nations, formed largely from ignorance, silence and falsifying historical facts,” “War of which all ideological forefathers long ago already dead: Ante Starcevic ,Ante Pavelic, ,Garasanin, ,Moljevic and Mihajlovic “,” war prepared for decades in school, because they were required reading, but for Serbs and Montenegrins and others: ‘the Mountain wreath’ which encourages Holocaust against Muslims (which Njegos called ‘converts to Islam’), ‘Home uprising against the Dahi’ which encourages aggression against Bosnia and “Bridge on the Drina ‘Kiyomi is encouraged hatred of Bosniaks (Muslims), (them Andric, who, according to his own recognition of writing corrupted books’, called ‘Turks underturks’), “” war of the big culprits are many writers textbooks and many teachers Serbian and Montenegrin national literature and history “,” warfare devised by some famous writers, the high priests and historians, that they instigated some politicians, priests and journalists, whose commencement ordered two politicians, who were led by serbian and Croatian military and paramilitary, police and parapolice in which they are all committed together one great crime “,” war is the expression and the defeat of the serbian and Montenegrin national culture is. those toxic their segments, “” genocidal aggression ‘countries of love’ (in which many brought up to love to hate) against ‘country of hatred’ (as they are Bosniaks hated to hate), “” war Bosnian Serbs and Croats out of fear of democracy, “” war whose cruelty and sustainability have contributed to the ignorance, arrogance, efforts to re-Islamization of Bosniaks, kroatofilija and sympathy for the Iranian theocratic counterrevolution one influential part of the leadership of the Party of democratic action, “and so on.

Also, for the latter, by its nature, it was: “Greater war of conquest,” “Greater Serbia and Greater conquest and extermination war”, “war is hidden aggression of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatian anti internationally recognized Bosnia and Herzegovina by the facilitate the introduction of political pluralism and political organization mainly on the basis of nationality “,” war is a combination of external and internal aggression against the Serbs and Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the purpose of its division between the Serbian and Croatian and destruction of the Bosniak Muslim people “,” the war against Bosnian ‘Turks’ in by the great responsibility borne by some Serbs and Montenegrins with Turkish surnames, “” war for independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina “,” inter-state war, “” attacking and extermination war “,” war between Serbs and Croats to create their own national state and the war Bosniaks to preserve civil state “,” the war that was not genocide but an attempt of the Holocaust against Bosniaks “,” third war in which Belgrade has pushed the Bosnian Orthodox that through their bodies hold of Bosnia “,” war in which Serbs, Montenegrins took the lead after they had been skillfully quarrel with Croats and Bosniaks, “” the craziest, stupidest and bloodiest war ever waged, “” combination of attacking war and internal revolt “,” war whose objectives were ‘ethnic cleansing’ and building nationally homogeneous state. “

According to its results and consequences, however, it was “a war that ended without a winner and no losers”, “War in which Bosniaks what the Soviets were in World War II – moral, political and military victors, but with assistance to the West and the huge own casualties and suffering and material losses “,” war that we get we – Serbs “,” the war in which we won me – Croats, “” war that led to the triumph of the ideas of Radovan Karadzic: Arm yourself secretly, attack suddenly cut off the majority of people and then hold a referendum and hundreds of democratic elections! “,” war that Jasenovac and Auschwitz and Srebrenica added, “” a war in which the Serbs had won themselves – their contempt for international law and morality, “” war whose greatest victims of Bosniaks (Muslims), the Croatian Serbs, Tutsi and Russians “,” war in which more Serbian civilian casualties fell by Serbian than from Bosniak hands, “” a war in which there is a huge disparity in the number of civilian casualties as before First of all, due to differences in ideologies, systems of values and objectives of the war, and in a very small extent, the difference in fire power, “” war of which are the result of two Nazi creations: the Republic of Serbian and Herceg Bosna “,” the war that led to the second great migration of Croats , the fourth great migration of Serbs and ninth great migration of Muslims “,” the war that led to the first great migration of Muslims in the northwest while all previously in the south-east “,” a war that was not the expression ‘clash of civilizations’ but a crash in the European civilization between the holders of the worst and one better in its history and tradition, “” war who was attempting to Serbian and Croatian to the selective konskripciju and mass perished rid of their criminal sediment, and who returns as a boomerang multiplied as psihopatologizacije, Barbarisation and criminalization large segments of the society “,” the war that has shown the limitations of military power of Western Europe and the military supremacy of America, “” a war that proved the necessity of the existence of the Atlantic Pact, “” war in which the Croats lost the sympathy of the Islamic world “,” a war in which Serbs and Montenegrins much contributed to the psychological confrontation between the 250 million Orthodox Christians and a billion and 250 million Muslims “,” war that, thanks to television, deeply engraved in the ‘historical memory’ of the whole human race, and especially the Islamic world “,” the war that brought fear of retaliation in many Christian communities all over the Islamic world “and so on.
And, finally, in its epilogue, it was a “war whose culprits should be punished as follows: war profiteers arrest the killers of innocent hanged, and monsters (ideologues and commanders) to close the laboratory for study”, “war will be end, essential and definitely, when all war criminals be punished, destroyers build everything they crashed, when it paid compensation for killed and maimed civilians and when the main culprits from the ranks of the Serbian and Montenegrin intellectual, ecclesiastical, political and military elite go to Srebrenica, and the Croatian political and military elite in Mostar, kneel and ask for forgiveness from the Bosniak Muslim people. “