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Deliberate transformation of the country – Extraterrestrial or human

It’s scary that can be daunting. But is happening before our eyes. Our planet is apparently attacked. Anyone who is at least half-conscious can see that today’s world is heading for a disaster, although this, in fact, no reason. Our resources are rich, but the vast majority of people on Earth are individuals full of love, ethics and good intentions.

However, it is quite obvious that the rulers and those who have economic power real maniacal psychopaths who constantly find new ways to abuse and exploitation of humanity and his beautiful home called Earth or Terra.

As the term terraforming (Eng. About “deliberate transformation of the Earth”). But more about that later.

Whatever you take – politically, economically, socially – it seems that we literally attack something foreign to our world and we’re being systematically abused, divides and destroys.

Just look at the nuclear nightmare that no one notices. Nuclear radiation is now officially surpassed all measurements! Even if there is no continuous and deadly radiation from Fukushima, on this crazy planet, humanity is irradiated in all possible ways. We irradiated from all sides. So we have: decades of performance testing nuclear bombs, radiation from the Fukushima showers, checkpoint TSA (American Board of safety of goods and passengers), doctors’ offices, irradiated foods, depleted uranium used in the war menagerie and in various industrial plants, leaking nuclear reactors … One above another.

And where are the only electromagnetic radiation that burns everyone nearby cell phone antenna or GWEN towers, holding a cell phone to your ear, smart electricity meters (smart meters), life in the electromagnetic smog crossed power lines and, on top of that, the wireless devices (wi-fi) .

And that’s just what we know.

What, however, does not include the chemtrail conspiracy theory and other crazy geoengineering ‘experiments’, staged mega-oil disaster and toksifikaciju our bodies of water in different ways, eg. Via hydraulic fracturing soil (fracking) to obtain gas, not to mention the senseless wars conducted around the world, and so on.
It’s out of control, but it all has its source.

Why do they do?

To reduce the number of the population? Change our genetic structure? Create a modified human race is capable only of performing služavničkih tasks to meet the master race-free or protected from these mutational effects on deliberately altered the planet?

I know, it’s pretty gruesome assumptions. But also very possible.

Depopulation is a term used in everyday dictionaries elite. We have a monster that needs to be cut off, which just waiting for the right moment. And that’s all. Those who will be ‘allowed’ to survive or will be ‘modified’ to survive, ostensibly to serve them willingly and joyfully.

The final handover will be subjecting chipped. This is the last straw that breaks the freedom of all who succumb to it.

How is it possible!?

Personally, I am more inclined to think about how such things could be true, rather than on how NOT possible. If we talk about the strangeness, we do not have to look beyond our present world. It will be enough better to look at what we directly before my eyes.

Deliberate transformation of the Earth and plan depopulation

Basically, it is at the core of what we witness in today’s world. This transformation takes place for centuries: ‘flock’ on drugs, modifies and thinning to them easier to manage while aspiring rulers try to create your perfect, enlightened utopian world … with us as their slaves.
In their war that they want to change and manage humanity and our environment now witnessing a completely new, izvanorvelovskoj stage.

If you follow trends and social concepts that have emerged in the past few years, it can be seen one fast form. While our sky dusting chemicals worldwide create a dense, metallic haze – blocking the sun and poisoning people, plants, animals, water and soil for future generations – our food chain can also be genetically modified, and so ruthlessly and violently, with casual blessing of the country that you are from that dizzy.

On top of that, as more and more chemical toxins put into our food and water, the population is subjected to vaccines and pharmaceutical products in order to further change the natural structure and behavior. The media and science, encourage us to ’embrace’ new, exponentially increasing number of technological changes and to finally accept literally chips in your own body, which is the real purpose of social and economic control. If you look closely you will see a surge of propaganda that encourages us to become ‘transljudi’, which is a concept ( ‘transhumanism’) which has greatly promoted the music industry and Hollywood.

This battle for Earth and apparently preparing covert forces to achieve their plans and esoteric objectives will take place millennia. Let’s look a little deeper into several aspects of this battle for supremacy by generations of despotic rulers.

The war on Terri? You bet

Clearly the Illuminati elite and their lackeys want to subjugate all the nations on earth, the great culmination multimillenium planning, manipulation and evil social engineering. As we know, the truth buried, distorted and overturned not only the winners but also the rulers of the shadows who to this day playing with both sides in all conflicts.

But on our planet sweeps spate growing awareness, and the result is that for some time to come out key facts. Their once secret (or occult) plans and methods are disclosed and bring to the light of day, for all to see.
This is called ‘awakening’. And that’s something that they’re afraid.

Psychosocial control – Hegelian dialectic Illuminati

It is important to understand how manage to repress whole nations and population. This is obviously a complex issue because they use many methods, including fear, intimidation, blatant fabrications, false assumptions and even witchcraft and techniques literal mind control technology with stunning population medication and modified food. We helplessly watching the rise and fall of the ruling structures, manipulation of markets for the benefit of greedy despots of the Illuminati, and the company is being eroded by the media constantly bombarded with huge amounts of stunting hedonistic garbage.

• Violence, sex and rebellion condemning, but on the other hand are strongly promote and popularize.
• In the name of so-called freedom, constraints arising from political correctness and false concern for the “security” put the shackles on your feet all layers of the population who are happy to accept, faced with false threats from outside (such as ‘terrorism’).
• The alleged representatives of the people – politicians – amounts fantastic promises, after which regularly do exactly the opposite.
• Religions greatly manipulate and easily affect the vast masses of insecure people, submissive authoritarian hierarchy that commands them that they must love God who will send them to hell dare you to come out of the box.
• Child abuse is condemned, and it is known that the widespread and impunity among members of the elite and religious orders.
• etc …

Welcome to Dystopia

Anyone who pays attention to the world around you can see that we are hitting on all sides. I did it on purpose … So we are pushed to the desired location, using the so-called Hegelian dialectic. Simple, practical terms, David Icke explains Hegelian dialectic as “problem-reaction-solution”.

Another example: The environment is under deliberate attack, while “they” pretend to fight for its preservation.

Just look at the deliberate poisoning of our atmosphere ChemTrail, pollutants and unnecessary use of fossil fuels, while we are hypocritical members of the elite and big game hunters, from the luxurious Sierra Club, condemning what we drive cars, or what we exhale carbon dioxide. Tell me it’s not madness.
Then we ‘treat’ our drinking water fluorine, chlorine, various metals and other additives, and at the same time we are subjected to sharp criticism since cast doubt on such treatment of those in power and their divine wisdom.
Look at the restrictions imposed on natural remedies and dietary supplements, while they are promoting dangerous pharmaceutical products and make billions of dollars.
And what is perhaps the most infamous: genetic modification of foods that we consume themselves in the body that keep us alive until they outlawing domestic gardening, seeds and small farms !! It is indeed difficult to consciously digest, so to speak …

And all the while they have selected, specific organic farm on which to produce food for themselves.

The truth – The world does not have to be as it is now

If the respective inhabitants of Earth were able to follow the natural laws of universal and conscious creator we would have plenty of food, free energy, intelligent and thoughtful public discourse and cheerful interaction and intuitive awareness of where we are naturally guided by the laws of the universe that empower energy … like iron filings to properly allocated and are charged natural magnetic energy.

But what is worst for the rulers and governments, we would be strengthened, and they would lose their jobs – and not being able to suck our energy and environmental forces such as vampires, they are.

But who is behind the Illuminati? What is the real agenda?

Researchers have long dig, follow clues, connect the dots, speculate and formulate assumptions. The truth has inherent power and value, much stronger than the opposing sorcery which all trying to grab for itself.

But the truth is brought to light!

Who knows, maybe it’s some alien race transdimensional beings or demonically possessed with evil Satanists who carry out orders of their masters. It is possible to do both. But you would not give the wrong options regarding solutions to this puzzle, why do you get the hang themselves?

Some serious questions

Is there a conspiracy or hidden intentions of powerful entities, or is it all just a coincidence and convergence mostly random and accidental development impact and events? Would be really powerful people met and planned or “conspired” to achieve their own selfish elitist agenda and the idea of utopia that may not like the world population? If there are maybe strongly influenced or controlled by the powerful alien, transdimensional or spiritual entities that are trying to implement some esoteric plan to create a home for your type?

Ha, who knows. But the ancient tradition, several cultures repeatedly make the same story of the ancient invasion of Earth by another type which is paired up with the early hominids to create what we know today called Homo sapiens. How do we deal with that? Relying again on the religious myths and holding it all at a safe distance, with the help of hierarchical rattle?

It is time to awaken. If we really believe that we are all aware of that, in fact, parts of an infinite universe, it might be better to start listening to their own hearts, to begin to question “the party line” (the accepted concepts) and that we do ourselves seriously investigate things.

Because we are attacked.


Earth and humanity are undoubtedly in the process of transforming, and it’s not by chance and definitely does not happen with our consent. But it’s happening because of our ignorance and ignorance. If you really know that the rulers of this world have a bad plan – but only a foolish man does not believe – then our task is to see what kind of plan and try to debunk it and stop. Perhaps the best way of non-cooperation with the authorities and provide own contribution to the vigorous awakening people.
Not slowly but quickly, the earth turns into something different than it is in their nature. Apparently, the idea is this: those who survived and manipulated these changes will support these soulless Trans rulers who may well survive in the atmosphere you are trying to create. In fact, such an atmosphere will probably support their life better shape than it is the present natural earth.

Quite science fiction?

Well, not really, nor is far from many religious teachings. The problem is that the manipulated religion run by mass attached with a very narrow, vague story, and completely dependent on the self-styled hierarchy while waiting for the cavalry to save them. Although it is certain that it is in the religious teachings entered a lot of truth, religious paradigms are very controlled, restrictive and discouraging. Meanwhile, the rulers away with murder.

Anyway you look at it, humanity is under attack, and the attackers opened fire from all weapons. The more people see through this heinous conspiracy – no matter how the recognized – and consequently take conscious steps to prevent it, it will assailants have less power to their intentions into practice.

And with the emergence of these vibrational changes toward greater awareness, like a sunrise after a dark night, dark shadows will be left but to disappear.

Until then we have to ignite as many flares we can!

Where are we going?

So after all these events, a lot of reading newspapers, portals, etc., I figure it out that people stop thinking with their own head. Of course there is a couple of exceptions, and such an exception somehow buy mass around them, teach them the way of life, way of thinking, and his brain intact leaves in “offline mode”, because it does not need. Of course, all of us become so accessible that we forgot that we lead normal conversation,  we fight before the meet, and all the more reason they themselves do not know. All the more I seem to have forgotten to spread positive emotions, to breathe life into the other, we look forward to the little things, but no, the man above is listed as an exception, told us that we should not read, to educate, to make life interesting yourself and other attractive. The media pack information and we believe everything we see, everything we hear, because we have become mere observers of life though, gray mass of waiting for the drive to put on “ON”, but some, like the beautiful, paralysis of the mind, not away from computing 5 + 5, and in some moments is full. We talk because we have to breathe because of the need, because we need to eat, or where the brain is, what its purpose if you do not use, we reduced things to the form and life to the game, and while listening to Phil Collins – Another day in paradise, I ask myself , where are we going?